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WordPress Websites

WordPress Website Design Agency

Seventy9 Creative designs and builds both theme-driven and bespoke WordPress websites that are not only pleasing to the eye, easy to manage by yourself in-house but are also optimised and search engine friendly.

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS (Content Management System), powering an estimated 35% of all websites on the internet - that’s 455,000,000 websites out of around 1,300,000,000! Some of the most successful companies in the world use the WordPress platform, including TED, TechCrunch, People magazine and UPS to name a few.

Our team of developers know the ins-and-outs of WordPress and how to turn a simple CMS into virtually anything – integrating ecommerce, social media, internal intranets and more. We are also able to couple with solid WordPress AMP compliance in order to deliver high-speed, AMP-compliant WordPress websites that deliver results.

Benefits of WordPress:

The list of benefits to using WordPress are almost endless, but here’s a few of our top picks:

  • Easy to maintain – Once a WordPress website is set-up correctly, managing content, adding blogs and pages, updating images and more is easy.
  • Mobile friendly – Our WordPress websites are built on strong responsive frameworks, ensuring your website will look phenomenal in all browsers, big and small.
  • The possibilities are endless – with an almost infinite resource of plugins, themes and modifications – a basic WordPress CMS can be morphed into anything. Some of the examples we’ve seen include company intranets, accounting systems, ecommerce stores, dynamic quote generators and more.
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Design and Build Bespoke WordPress Websites

Whether you need a small, straightforward brochure website or a large ecommerce website, Seventy9 Creative can design and build you a website that not only looks good, is easy to manage by yourself in-house but is also optimised and search engine friendly.

We have a team of creatives and developers that can design and build a WordPress website that, coupled with our digital marketing team, will create new leads for you; day in, day out. Completely bespoke to you.

Bespoke not for you?

The word bespoke often makes people shake in fear as it can rightly or wrongly be associated with the word expensive. Whilst this isn’t always the case, the development team at Seventy9 Creative is happy to work with predefined themes in WordPress which will create a fully functional, SEO driven website.

Contact us to have an informal chat about how Seventy9 Creative can build your next WordPress website.

WordPress Support and Maintenance

Seventy9 Creative is a great believer in doing what we do best; whilst our client partners get on with what they know best – their own business. Our team of UK-based developers are here to assist you with all things technical, update of plugins and any issues that may arise. We can also assist you with content and images if required.

Contact us or call us on 01536 764745 and chat to David about our maintenance agreements for new and existing WordPress websites and let us take away the hassle of managing your WordPress website.

Using WordPress
Improve WordPress

Improve your current WordPress website

If your website isn't performing as well as you think it should be, Seventy9 Creative is on hand to help improve it. By working with Google Developer Tools, we can put together a plan of works that can be implemented into your current website. As long as your plugins are trusted and you have a reasonably good theme – these are foundations we can work with.

Contact us now for a free website audit on your WordPress website.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP optimises your WordPress for mobile web browsing and is intended to help webpages load faster. This potentially improves the customer experience and convinces visiting traffic to look at more pages.

This in turn will reduce your website’s bounce rate and improve your Google mobile ranking.

AMP is not for everyone as there is a compromise on design, but our developers have the skills to ensure your WordPress website can be AMP-compliant. It would be a must for speed and Digital Marketing.


Seventy9 Creative’s team of developers can create ecommerce websites that not only excite your clientele but create an exceptional digital experience that will drive conversions.

WooCommerce is an easy to use plugin for the WordPress platform which completely customisable and will seamlessly integrate with your content, allowing you to engage and convert your customers.

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