Our Philosophy

We work with you, keeping it collaborative, making sure everyone knows what's going on. We work hard to ensure our ideas and technology are big enough to deliver it well, and deliver it strong.

Our thought process

We make brands become tangible, bringing life through meaningful thinking and a behaviour changing thought process.

We take our different people with different skills and different personalities, we ask questions through them of brief and brand, embracing the debate, its twists and turns, lavishing the same depth of thought, time, skill and attention to detail on your brand as you do. When the customer encounters your brand, they'll truly understand our thought process.

How we work with you

We build your brand together, defining its position, understanding the consumer experience, digging deeper, questioning further, unearthing insights to give a clear and valuable perspective.

Our approach has helped brands of all shapes and sizes, across many sectors, make an impact, grow stronger and communicate more effectively.

We consider every aspect of a brand's visual and verbal language. Our full-service offer continues the brand journey and ensures it sings across every touch point.


We listen actively, probing, clarifying, challenging, fully debating the brief until we all understand project targets, achievements and outcomes. We view strategy building as a collaborative process, vital we're in harmony from the outset.

We'll map out the creative route, consider everything from paper stock to responsive navigation, all carefully considered and crafted guided by brand audit, market insight and from all questioning conducted right from the very beginning.


We will give you the best possible return on the investment in your brand and project.

Our planning strategy allows for total creative flow with nothing in its way. We build monitoring and measurement into our strategy and process, with precise timings, resource allocation and thorough project management, ensuring everyone knows where they are, what they're doing, and what happens next, at every stage.


We'll meet and exceed your precise objectives, then keep your brand and its campaign moving, reviewing, refining, ensuring it remains fresh, relevant, constantly communicating the right information to its audience and consumer.

People and markets change with time, and we make sure your brand stays ahead through reviews, further insights and market positioning, adding layers and levels to its history and heritage.

coffee stain

We had a requirement for a responsive, modern company website to reflect our global retail design business. It had to be responsive, adhere to our brand guidelines and showcase our commitment to deliver global retail concepts.

Seventy9 not only created an excellent showcase to display our current portfolio, they also integrated a visually stunning website with business functionality for our future clients, fulfilling our business goals.

Jamie Kennaugh, Quantum4

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