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Hosting & Email Services

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Our fully managed package manages site hosting and email systems for you, with functionality across all device platforms, unlimited space for growth and savings on capital and operations. It is a secure, reliable and protected solution with anytime, anywhere access.

Seventy9 serves sole traders, SME's and start-ups through to corporate business operating multiple sites with dedicated exchange platforms, mixing different mail solutions with all working in harmony within a single domain.

Our dedicated teams and continuous technical investment support improvement in communications, allowing you to work more productively without major infrastructure investment.

We can arrange transfer from current web hosts, register and set up domains, research, create and brand domain names, set up and host email accounts, all with a 24/7 support service.

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Our managed email service simplifies email communications, connecting users over multiple channels, providing a single interface to manage collaboration and communication, saving time on message searches across different accounts and systems or searching for contact details, all through a feature-rich browser tailored specifically for your requirements.

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Our servers are housed in secure, temperature controled rooms within equally secure buildings with 24 hour security and surveillance, with several back servers to ensure all data is stored and never lost.

With this level of secure service you constantly receive the highest level of customer care and support.

All our hosting packages run on the latest servers using hardware technologies packed with memory, fast processors and hard disks, with software features including the latest versions of Windows, Linux and SQL.

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