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Business Solutions

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Our integrated business solutions provide high value, low cost, easy to use solutions for growing small to medium businesses, bringing together business applications, data, documents and devices offering a unified user experience, giving you control over operations and finance, delivering insight to build and maintain customer relationships.

Seventy9 has a business suite for customer engagement, sales & marketing, business insight and finance, pre-configured dashboards, reports and work processes, all the tools needed in one comprehensive package to market your business, capture contact details, track orders and invoice customers from installation.

Using Excel? Excel as an office solution works very well, but as the complexity of data increases over time and becomes fragmented, retrieval of documents and information can become difficult. If your Excel spreadsheets are no longer keeping track of your business proficiently, then contact us for a reliable and personalised solution.

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CMS Events

  • Event booking module
  • Venues
  • Events
  • Event dates
  • User friendly

Further Features

  • Rota & Diary module
  • Book viewings
  • CRM follow up
  • Ecommerce
  • Bespoke development
Look no further

Look no further

Due to the nature in which the CMS was developed it is possible to utilise and combine existing modules to facilitate a number of business models with very little development compared to traditional development methods or by using off the shelf packages. The CMS was designed to be a rapid development tool from design to delivery and compliments agile development methods and scalable applications simplifying future development.

The CMS will require a Linux environment and it must be able to connect to a MySQL database.

The CMS will be accessible through a standard web browser on a separate URL to the website and will require access privileges from the user before entry is allowed.

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