Content Creation

Content Creation

What is Content Creation?

Content creation produces topical ideas that appeal to your business relationship audience; creating visual and written information around those topics and making that information accessible through the means of news, articles, video, infographics, or social media/digital marketing formats.

Content is part of your daily life; everything you see and everything you read has been created by content creators; whether it’s one of the four billion daily searches on Google leading you to an article, a how-to video, or the daily news. Content keeps us informed, answers our questions, entertains us, make us smile and guides our decisions. Your content should attract, engage and excite; bringing new visitors to your business and generate revenue.

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This takes a lot of time and resource to ensure your business has the right tone and is consistent. Today, businesses outsource a wide range of tasks, from small jobs to major projects; from bookkeeping to developing an app. Should your business consider outsourcing your content creation as well? Seventy9 has a talented content marketing team which could free your employees to do what they do best, run a successful business.


Writing text for your next social media post, your latest blog article or your upcoming magazine advertorial is easy right? It is when you have the time to research your matter, write it up and then finely tune. It isn’t if you also have a list of to do items longer than your arm.

Seventy9’s in-house team of content creators produce highly engaging words to increase your brand awareness through social media content, blogs, website copy and marketing material.

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Video is now one of the fastest growing methods of content creation, particularly across social media platforms. Did you know that videos are shared up to ten times more than any other content, giving video more organic traffic than any other medium?

Our videographers have a diversified range of skills for full corporate company videos to talking heads, from Facebook Live Stream to recipe and product innovation videos.

Why not get in touch and let us tell your story through moving imagery.


With vision being our most dominant strength and visual information being processed 50,000 times faster than words, it’s no wonder animated visuals along with video numbers have increased.

Our animation specialists will bring your brand to life through infographics, logo development, photography montages and short product explainer videos.

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