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Meet the talented, multi-disciplined designers and marketers of Seventy9. The team who will enhance your brand by working hard for our clients; working with passion, skill and expertise.

Picture of David

David Howes

Director, Client Services

Creative branding is in his blood. Since 1998, David’s passion for creating impressive brands, thought provoking websites and tactile print has allowed him to create a far-reaching portfolio of loyal clients.

His business acumen coupled with his “outside of the box” thinking brings the right solution to the right client, at the right time

The rare opportunity of seeing him outside of work, will find him with his adorable two young boys and wife.


Shane Webster

Director, New Business Development

Appreciative of beer and Northampton Town Football Club, Shane is ambitious and enjoys chasing his dreams, particularly on an extremely lazy Sunday.

A family man; father to a nine year old and stepfather to a 22 year old - his me time is much needed at the allotment as a fanatical gardener.

Although a fast car motor head, he enjoys the tranquility of water and loves reef snorkeling.

Up at 5am - but might be a lot later.

Person Claire

Stuart Hartley

Strategy Director

Stuart has been passionately supporting businesses for the last 15 years.

Away from that though Stuart is a proud father of two very active and sporty children and therefore quickly becoming a highly experienced taxi driver!

If a ball is being kicked, hit, thrown or caught Stuart will be following it – an avid Leicester City fan and England Cricket fan. Outside of sport Stuart can be found with a glass of his favourite rum in his hand!

Stuart has an MBA from De Montfort University and is a SFEDI qualified business advisor.

Picture of Jo

Jo Nicholson

Project Manager/Content Marketing

Jo can normally be found whipping up some great marketing content, bringing a website project to the boil, proofing a newsletter or adding some zest to new branding guidelines. She is trying to fatten up the team with plenty of homemade cookies and cake. You must try her Triple Chocolate Cookies!

Picture of Kat

Myfanwy Jones

Office Administrator

Originally from Aberdeen, Scotland; Myfanwy loves to go horse riding and kayaking down the rivers. She also enjoys archery and finding out answers and facts behind the various mythologies of the world, especially when they concern dragons.

Now living in Kettering she is learning to play the accordion.

She studied IT at Tresham College of Further and Higher Education from 2014 to 2016.

Picture of Kat
Picture of Bryan

Bryan Lade

Director, Digital Marketing

Bryan has been marketing on the internet since 1998. Back when it was simple.

When he’s not helping our clients get new business on the web, his attention turns to being father of 4 (2 flown the nest, yey! two to go, boo!), two French Bulldogs and a pride of Koi Carp.

That leaves little time for other passions such as Table Tennis, England Cricket, Formula 1 and trying to exercise to lose weight.

Bed made. Lie in it Bryan!

Picture of Carrie

Carrie Webster

Social Media

Carrie is a wife and very proud mother of two boys busy spinning plates between business and domesticity - Can be found attached to a laptop or making a model dinosaur for the next school project! 

'Mrs W’ is the ‘social mama’ of the Seventy9 family and never misses a trick when attaching a brand to a big media trending story - she always comes up ‘#Trumps’ (Get it?)...

She loves nothing more than a quiet Saturday whilst all 3 boys are at football to catch up on some addictive box sets whilst looking forward to a Pinot Grigio or 3 and some ‘food porn’ - Always grazing and shouldn’t be crossed when she’s ‘hangry’!

Carrie enjoys knitting, loves a good book; especially when its being read on a sun-bed somewhere hot…Carrie truly relates to every mother’s plight for peace with parenting topics being her speciality! #metime

Scott Dixon

Technical Director

Scott is the Jedi master in the studio. Armed with vast knowledge on web development; he is easily our commander in chief when it comes to urgent technical problems or anything that needs a fix.

A keen enthusiast in table tennis and is seeded 986th in the country. Not so sure where he's ranked for beer pong though…

Realist, and pragmatic in his views. Appreciator of retro gear and has a unique taste in music, which he feels obliged to share amongst the studio.

Picture of Jamie

Jamie Lamb

Senior Web Developer

As David Attenborough once said...

"... and here we see an exciting rarity, never before has one witnessed the lesser spotted IT Gremlin outside of its natural habitat -'the server room'. Males of the species are thought to be 5 feet 11 inches tall, with long hair and patchy beards.

Regularly deemed to be 'overweight' by conventional western society, the IT Gremlin's fight this off with their nonchalant immaturity and poor dietary choices. This coupled with their unique intelligence levels - sitting somewhere toward the dopey end of the scale, allows them to lead a blissfully ignorant, happy life.

Unfortunately, however, In recent years, the species has become endangered as many struggle to find breeding partners after making it into their 20's and those that do rarely exceed fathering 2 younglings before scurrying back to the safety of their server cabinets."

Person Dave

Dave Rushton

Lead Web Developer

Dave is a serious developer by day and a serious gamer by night; fuelled by a passion for technology. LED lights and whey bars.

He started at Seventy9 as a junior developer whilst he finished his university education. He is now the proud owner of a Bachelors Computer Science Honours Degree and the title of Lead Developer.

He loves telling us bad jokes; really bad jokes because he thinks it gets us through the day. Don’t be surprised by his muscular physique either, he doesn’t spend all day in the gym for nothing.

Look under this desk and you will find a stockpile of his whey bars, because that’s the “way” to go ….. oh dear.

Ben Lewis

Matt Wall

Senior Wordpress Developer

Matt lives and breathes Wordpress. He cut his teeth with the platform over 10 years ago and has developed hundreds of sites, plugins and themes for the platform across various industries ever since!

In his spare time, Matt can be found podcasting, detailing his car, working on a hair-brained scheme or playing through some video game or another!

Person Lisa

Lisa Lade

Digital Marketer

Lisa lives and breathes Arsenal. A true out and out Gunner. She even met Denis Bergkamp at the old Highbury stadium and has a photo of it proudly staring at her whilst she works on Digital Marketing for our clients!

Trained in the Seventy9 Digital Marketing way, she enjoys nothing more than popping in to AdWords, Analytics or Google Business Listings. Well, not strictly true, there are other things she enjoys more, but let’s leave that there for now.

Person Calvin

Calvin Mistry

Digital Marketing Specialist

Calvin is a proud digital marketing specalist here at Seventy9. Someone who loves being creative, he has big dreams and aspirations in life! A massive football fan, his weekends are mostly spent watching Liverpool and his local team Northampton Town Football Club. However when the result doesn’t go the right way and his team Loose it often decides his weekend. Going out with his mates and spending quality time with his family are all things he loves doing.

Picture of Ben

Ben Tatman

Digital Marketing Specialist

Often referred to as the grandpa of the group he matured at an early age. Ben has a strong knowledge of everything computer related with a large extent of customer service work experience starting back when he was 16! Other than loving the working life and cars, Ben loves trying new things and being a general handy man whether that be cars, housework, computers and much more.

Picture of Kiera

Kiera Ives

Digital Marketing Apprentice

Kiera is a new apprentice at Seventy9 and enjoys any opportunity to get creative. Her cooking skills are questionable, but her brownies are unbeatable. A girly girl with a Fiat 500, Kiera enjoys spending weekends with friends and family going out for food or a fun night out.

Person Claire

Claire Morton

Social Media Manager

Head of Social Media here at Seventy9, Claire has been in marketing for over 15 years, working freelance, director of larger companies and is an all-round social media geek!

She has a great love of Africa, having spent quite a lot of time on the continent over the years and has even met the Gorillas of Uganda!

A home bird at heart, Claire loves nothing more than being at home with her husband, princess cat Matilda and the tortoise Herman... oh and a glass of wine!

Gary West

West Recycling Ltd

From re-branding to building the WRL website "Seventy9" have promised and delivered, They are knowledgeable, responsive and thorough; and all this at excellent value. We at WRL could not be happier with their work, and highly recommend "Seventy9" to anyone looking to grow their business.

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