Web Traffic Analytics

Web Traffic Analytics

Tracking power

Google analytics mac device

We understand the importance of true data and that just having a website is sometimes not enough. To maximise your investment, visitors need to be tracked and monitored to view what they do when they get there, helping to drive up traffic and increase conversions.

We ensure you get the best out of Adobe or Google Analytics, making certain they are correctly installed and that you understand exactly what your data is telling you, providing full site performance reports and tactical methods of improvement, working with you to provide valuable reporting and integrations.

And, if your requirements are more advanced, we offer bespoke software tracking, reporting which companies have visited your website, together with Tag management, highlighting data-led insights and making recommendations to bring success to your business and marketing objectives.

Google analytics mac device
Google Traffic Web Analytics

What to track

There's plenty to measure with an analytics package. Total visitors, counting each visit, even if the same person has returned more than once; unique visitors, filtering out repeat visits, so each individual is only counted once; the number of page views, counting the different pages viewed; where your visitors have come from, both geographically and from which sites, particularly useful in targeting a particular area, and we can discover how the site was found, pinpointing which other online marketing is effective and how well its performing, as well as keywords used to arrive through particular search engines

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