At Seventy9 we develop marketing campaigns and activities to engage customers and consumers directly, building relationships and driving business through both traditional and digital channels.

Seventy9 takes an integrated marketing approach, immersing in your market, business, culture and objectives, combining digital and offline to ensure the best return on investment, ensuring tangible results.

We focus on proposition and business objectives, analysing customer relationships, market sectors current and new, building and implementing campaign structures to bring increased success for your brand.

We use strategic insights to discover and shape what matters and what will resonate through the most appropriate and intelligent use of channels, connecting and delivering the message with effect and efficiency, reporting continually along the campaign journey.

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Using your voice

We really will define your brand voice. We understand what makes brands tick, we understand how to work with you, collaborating to define the heart and soul of your communications and connect with your audience.

Our marketing strategies make brand voices authoritative, informative, witty or fun, but whatever they are, they always have the most important marketing quality of all: authenticity.

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Digital marketing

We can track every single visit to your site, what visitors did, why they left and how they interacted. We can feed this back into the marketing strategy we create for you, making changes, improving conversions and enquiries, providing you with all the information necessary to optimise online performance.

branding examples on a phone
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Offline marketing

It may well be a digital age but almost 44% of online searchers make a purchase after being influenced by an offline channel. We create strategies that look at the whole picture, integrating online and offline seamlessly, making sure they work in harmony together to maximise every marketing message and campaign.

Direct mail campaigns

Another channel we never ignore, always acknowledging properly targeted direct mail campaigns with a strong message and excellent content will gain huge traction and demand for the right brands and audiences. Significant success with Direct Mail campaigns can be had, with equal impact on digital channels as well as direct ROI.

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Content creation, seeding, SEM and all key channels

We believe in integrated marketing across whatever channels are relevant to achieving your goals. So, whether we call on our network of bloggers and vloggers to seed content, utilise search engine marketing, PPC, SEO, print media advertising space, TV or radio, we will ensure we find the right way to reach maximum exposure to the right audience.

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