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The Brief

We were asked to provide web hosting, maintenance, customer service and support to Gambit Consulting, an advice and business guidance consultancy helping SME business develop in line with strategic goals.

Specialising in strategy formation, business development and helping clients gain access to supportive and growth funding, Gambit Consulting share a commitment to building strong relationships with their clients at the heart of their operating philosophy, and, also like seventy9, have collaboration with clients as a fundamental cornerstone of development processes.

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The Solution

Seventy9 servers are housed in secure, temperature controled rooms within equally secure buildings with 24 hour security and surveillance.

To ensure all data is stored and never lost, there are several back servers.

With this level of secure service, Gambit Consulting constantly receive the highest level of customer care and support, improving, developing and evolving their brand and website within our shared ideals of client collaboration.

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