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Web technology evolves at an astonishing rate and at Seventy9 we're always on top of new technologies and development possibilities.

Hard wired into technology

Technology, how we use it and what we can do with it, is always at the forefront of our creative offer. We make it our mission to be ready for whatever the future holds, equally at home with emerging trends, cross-digital strategy, user-experience or interface design across our extensive knowledge of digital platforms.

We hard-wire technology into the way we view projects, making time to explore all possibilities, and sharing what we find, build and discover with the world is a fundamental aspect of our agency culture.



PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development. As a technology we can use the confidence that this is now installed on more than 244 million websites to develop your seed of an idea into your fully functioning website.

The Results

We ensure our websites are all W3C standard, meet Modern technology requirements and constraints, fused with bespoke designs. Our front end and back end developers work passionately to deliver the highest quality build with their vast knowledge and craftsmanship.

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Our technologies

We're expert with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript & jQuery, PHP and MySQL, and we utilise industry leading platforms as the foundation for development, including Magento, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

By having different technical options we can propose the best solutions for individual project needs, and, while we ensure we don't blind or bombard with jargon, we're fully aware that choice of technology effects project goals, and ultimate costs.

Here at Seventy9 we make sure you're fully informed of all technical details to ultimately make the best decision for your business. We ensure everything is clear and understandable, choosing the best-fit solution, whether an off-the shelf platform or a tailored, bespoke system.

Our client services and technical team will inform and guide at every step with thorough information, planning, seamless delivery and ongoing support.


Emerging technologies

We balance technical challenge with convention, always looking for and embracing new technologies, though never alienating by disregarding conventions, always ensuring every project has the best platform and technology for its users, its budget and its bottom line.

We know when innovation is right or when simplicity is better, and if we do discover an emerging technology that fits the project, it's because we believe it will do better.

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