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Seventy9 is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Kettering with offices in Leicester, Market Harborough, Bedford, Wellingborough, Daventry and Huntingdon. From these offices we offer specialist Digital Marketing services for local businesses as well as businesses across the UK.

We are so confident of our specialist digital marketing services that we only ask for an initial three month commitment (assuming your website is fit for purpose!) to prove what we can achieve. If your business doesn’t start getting more quality leads in those three months, we go our separate ways. Simple. Our success relies on your success. We don’t like taking money if we can’t achieve success and you certainly won’t want to pay for a service that isn’t working for you!

Read more below about our unique approach to getting businesses, like yours, found on Google.

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How do you start your digital marketing strategy?

Increasing visitor traffic to your website is becoming harder as search engines become ever more complex to understand. Here at Seventy9, we offer a unique managed Digital Marketing service of core search element activities which will drive more traffic to your site and generate those much-wanted leads.

But where to start in today’s manic online world? Google and Bing Business Listings, Pay Per Click (PPC), use of analytics, on page SEO, off page SEO, website technical build and mobile friendliness are all musts for any business website strategy. And how much of which, when and how?

A smorgasbord of Digital Marketing activity

You have to work on it all and as the web gets ever more complex, keeping on top of your online presence is time consuming at best and darn difficult – or impossible – at worst. Our unique digital marketing services take the pain and the worry away from you. Just leave us to get on and do all the online things that need to be done. Seventy9 Digital will assess your unique business needs and ensure we design a managed service plan that makes your website more visible to the major search engines. To start your digital marketing strategy, you just need to contact us!

Google Business Profile and Bing Places for Business

Google and Bing offer some amazing opportunities with their business profiles. Many of our clients are getting increased numbers of additional visits to their websites and phone calls, particularly from their Google Business Profile – when your listings are done well, you can continue to collect leads in your sleep.


Do you have Google Analytics installed on your website? Do you use these analytics regularly and act on what they are telling you? If you used the word “no” at all in answering, then you need us to take control and help use analytics to develop your online presence. Google Analytics is immensely powerful, and when you know what it’s telling you, you can increase your presence online.

Pay Per Click and Google Ads Management

PPC or Google Ads/Bing Ads can be a golden bullet for some companies’ marketing. Self-sustaining lead generation.

We have clients doing PPC where that is exactly the case – it is self-sustaining. We have other clients who do the minimum with Google Ads to gain other benefits. Talk to us and we will happily share why PPC should be a part of your online marketing mix.

Off page SEO

Back in the day of the .com boom, “off page SEO” used to be mostly about inbound links. Today, it refers to actions that you can take outside of your website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages. Seventy9 Digital knows the best ways to move your website forward.


Hidden deep under your website’s lovely design are the technical guts – the under the bonnet stuff. PageSpeed Insights is Google’s view of how good your website technical build is. Why is it important? If Google doesn’t like your techy stuff, it’s going to be reluctant to list you high in searches. This techy stuff needs to be fixed as a priority. Seventy9 Digital will make recommendations as and when needed for either your own development team to work on or in conjunction with Seventy9 Creative’s team of developers, content creators, copywriters and project managers.

On page SEO

15 odd years ago, “on page SEO” used to be about creating large chunks of keyword heavy content for your web pages. These days, page content is still important but it’s a whole lot more complicated. Let us take the page and techy SEO stuff off your plate so you can stop worrying about it!

Mobile Responsive/Friendly

Does everyone know your website needs to be mobile friendly these days? Most do, but few also appreciate that it’s a moving target and Google and Bing are developing mobile based marketing opportunities all the time. Let us keep an eye on the ball and take advantage.

Digital Marketing Website Checks

Is your SSL working? Are your contact forms checked? Has someone in marketing uploaded a large image to the website without optimising it first? Seventy9 has a whole range of services that will ensure your website is working for you and keeping your Google Ads PPC at an affordable level.

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…I may be biased but I do still like my website very much and I just wanted to thank you for your effort… that friendly touch which you guys have contributed. My thanks especially to Bryan and Calvin, in the Digital Marketing Team, for their recommendations and for being so proactive and supportive.

Terry Abra, JLC Solutions, 13th February 2020

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