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Precious Metals provides a unique and somewhat niche service; they can spray anything at all with beautiful metal finishes. However, they had one huge problem – not many people knew what they did! And, being specialist Engineers, marketing the business well by themselves was not going to happen.

Precious Metals asked us to do some analysis on the opportunity for them on Google, then we met up and explored the art of the possible. They liked what we proposed and they’ve not looked back since...

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Google Business Listing – making it work

We started with sorting out their Google Business listing which was only getting around 130 views on Google searches per month. Although they had verified it many years ago, they had done nothing else with it since. The first step was to get it re-verified as Google doesn’t trust you if they’ve not seen any activity on a listing for some time. They want to know you still exist!

The Seventy9 Digital Marketing team then got to work; fully populated the listing, added a large gallery of their work, photos of the Precious Metals team and got them listed in the appropriate business categories, to name some of the improvements we mad. We update the listing every week and the listing regularly gets viewed over 500 times per month now...

Precious Metals Google Business Listing

Google Ads – Keywords are everything

Having completed in-depth keyword research, we could see that the services Precious Metals offer were being searched for regularly on Google, with little advertising competition and remarkably low cost per click rated. Digital Marketing utopia! We designed the AdWords campaign, set it live and the enquiries literally started to flood in. Since we started AdWords for them, we have honed and tested other approaches and tactics to some great success. You can’t stand still when you start doing AdWords, the digital marketing landscape is always changing and there are always new opportunities to explore. Regular management and improvement mean we keep the cost per click low and advert display position high.

Google Ads
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Search Console – Organic Success

The bit our clients don’t often see is all the work we do that improves SEO performance, i.e. getting found in organic Google searches. By managing the website structure and content with the approach we apply, all of our clients can expect their website to improve its performance in this respect. The Precious Metals website, although we think it looks amazing, was not hitting the mark from an SEO point of view.

Get the best out of Google

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Google Analytics – making sure it works

Google Analytics is fantastic. We love Google Analytics – some of the team even have T-Shirts saying so. Why? Well, it proves to our clients that everything we do works! Google Analytics. The key thing with Digital Marketing is to get your message in front of the right people for the right searches. It’s incredibly difficult to do well, but we do pride ourselves as this being our core strength that makes everything we do work to it’s maximum. Want more visitors to your website without sacrificing quality? Speak to the Seventy9 Digital Marketing team.

Google Analytics

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