The right words bring the right results

We have copywriters embedded within all creative teams at Seventy9, producing digital, social media, advertising and technical content across many sectors including automotive, education, technology, brewing, construction and housebuilding.

Whether it's a one-off announcement or an advertising campaign, SEO writing, tone-of-voice guidelines or an edit and polish, Seventy9 will ensure your communications make the right connections with the right consumers and the right readers with words that motivate, persuade, inspire and impress.

Our words work hard, defining every project with true meaning, making your communication come across loud and clear, helping develop relationships with your clients, giving an edge over your competitors.

Our words

Will reassure; influencing and informing brand message.

They will be clear, succinct, easy to read and comprehensive.

They may be technical, explaining detail with an easy flow.

They will be interesting, engaging and overcome difficulty.

And they will always be in the right tone of voice for your brand, on message through creating the message.

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"Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer."

Shirley Polykoff
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SEO & keywords

Our fully optimised websites carry key words and phrases throughout their content, ensuring that customers, consumers and readers will easily find your site en-route through search engines.

We connect users and searchers through search engine optimisation by thoroughly engaging with your brand, business, product or service, discovering keywords used to find you, then expanding, enriching and illuminating this vocabulary to make certain the right connections are made.

Implementing our keyword and copywriting planning is an important step in allowing your brand to reach and communicate with end users, developing an evolving language to draw in the right visitors, continually reviewed and refreshed, including the important factor of defining which keywords your competitors are using, will keep you firmly placed ahead of the pack.

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