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We create websites to engage and convert consumers into customers, to inform, educate and inspire. We develop a project build strategy to encompass brand message, structure, function, design, technology, content, media and social networking to deliver innovative, fluid, creative sites fulfilling business objectives, entertaining and engaging customers and consumers.

We are guided by brand proposition drivers, functional and emotional, not just what you do, but how you do it, propelling user engagement and repeat visits, building an audience through participation. We will always seek simplicity, clarity and a concise, easy, functionality, optimised for all groups, injecting rich media where the project feels it ought to be.

You will have your own technical project team, dedicated to scoping, building and developing a beautifully designed and thoroughly crafted site, with all the tech support you need before, during and after its launch.


Animation on your website and social media is a big part of the user experience, giving a visual cue to the viewer and keeping their attention.

Here at Seventy9 Creative, we want to make your static graphics dynamic; from turning your logo into a graphic with purpose to short animated videos, clever call to action button transitions and hero images that show clever movement of illustrations, call to actions and text.

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Our web projects

Seventy9 Creative is proud of its vast portfolio of diverse website design projects.

Every project is a bespoke design, working with our clients to ensure their customers get the information they require quickly, resulting in an increase of visitor traffic and call to actions.

Whether you want to showcase your projects; entice visitors to your venue or make sales through an ecommerce website, Seventy9 Creative has a team of multi-disciplined designers and marketers that will ensure your website is the best fit for not just you, but your customers.

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Infographics are "visual representations of information or data" giving the user an easy-to-understand overview of a topic. The more visual and creative the infographic is; the more likely you will hold the attention of your reader.

Seventy9 Creative can design infographics that will provide a quick overview of your topic, explain complex processes, make comparisons or raise awareness. They can be used to display research or survey findings in a fun, effective way.

Use infographics on your website to build brand awareness and boost engagement with your customers; encouraging them to want to learn more about your company and products/services.

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