AMP Compliant Websites by Seventy9

AMP Compliant Websites by Seventy9

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a simple, robust format for building websites that focuses on speed and user experience. A format that simplifies the HTML markup and streamlines the CSS.

In an era of fast-moving technology, Google is now pushing for the AMP technology framework to be part of everyday web standards – so is your website up for this? Not only do you have to be responsive across all devices; your mobile responsiveness has just gone one step further forward with delivery of lighter pages for mobile, desktop, advertising, ecommerce solutions and email.

Our developers specialise in building AMP Compliant Websites, so if this is something you are deliberating, the first step is to get in contact with us and have a chat about how we might be able to help.

Benefits of AMP

There are a multitude of benefits to having AMP on your website, particularly if most of your traffic comes from mobile devices:

Reduced Load Time – AMP is specifically developed for speed.

Low Bounce Rate – a by-product of good loading speeds, it is proven to improve bounce rate.

Enhanced SEO – Better Google PageSpeed and conformity to AMP
standards = improved rankings.

Reduced Pay Per Click Costs – It’s a well known fact that you pay less for Adverting on Google if your website is as fast as possible.

Mobile Friendly – Accessible across all devices with minimal changes needed.

All in all, AMP provides increased speed, visibility and visitor engagement.

AMP Mobile

The Techy Bit

AMP only allows asynchronous JavaScript which keeps JavaScript from delaying the page rendering and degradation of performance.

AMP will load the layout of the page without waiting for any additional resources to be downloaded.

Only one http request is needed to layout the entire document including fonts.

Bloated CSS will block fast page loading, in AMP only inline styles are allowed with a maximum of 50K. Good practice CSS is a must.

Why should I use AMP?

If the majority of your website traffic comes from mobile then the logic is straight forward with AMP; you get better engagement from visitors to your website because of the faster loading time of the page. If you want to stay competitive within that website traffic; AMP is a must.

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