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We define brand purpose

We create, position and communicate brands, passionately engaging the same principles across projects large and small, regional and national, designing brands with a purpose - to engage brands with their consumers new and current, building awareness, recognition and consideration.

We challenge brand foundations and parameters. We establish true brand assets, ensuring all elements of communication hierarchies talk to the target consumer in a clear and responsible way. We establish a tone of voice, visually, verbally, aurally, true to brand core values. And we run naming workshops to establish a comprehensive and evocative range of naming concepts at all brand levels.

Seventy9 builds its creative project teams around your needs, working for you by working with you, designing not just the brand, but full campaigns, brand identity systems, toolkits and launch strategies - across all digital and traditional print platforms.

Brand logos can make a huge impact

Companies around the world spend billions trying to sell us their products and services, and it isn't getting easier. With the sheer volume of competition that businesses face, making your brand stand out isn't a quick fix.

Branding goes beyond a company logo, it stretches through to how a customer perceives your brand, product and service. It is a deliberate and skilful undertaking that requires skill and experience. We can help you design or develop your brand and make it stand out above the competition.

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