Client Support

We attach the highest of values to servicing our clients requirements, understanding, diagnosing and delivering above and beyond expectations through an open, collaborative and inquisitive process.

Dedicated client support

Every project, every client, has Seventy9 as an extension of its own business.

An open area for collaboration, a welcome to work within our own studios, advancing the creative and strategic conversation.

You'll have a dedicated executive team for all projects, offering creative, production and project management.


Responsive technical support

Seventy9's client service creates value beyond the task we deliver, a value with a passion for your brand, operating a soft influence on the creative process to inspire excellent work, fuelling real relationships, focused on brilliant delivery, with an expert project navigator leading and operating an open source team across client and agency, understanding the right questions, collating the answers, harmonising project delivery and schedule.

Tied to our philosophy

Core craft - understanding, diagnosing, delivering real project contextual demands Understanding and delivering on the difference between project wants and needs Embracing project management, focused on brilliant delivery


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