Speaking your Brand

Video marketing is fast becoming the most important method of communicating your brand to your target audience through images and audio. People can process images far quicker than reading text and video will resonate with your consumer in a way that words on a page can’t. Most information transmitted to our brain is visual, so if images boost engagement, imagine what moving pictures can do for your business.

Effective video that engages your audience with your brand will drive action and results. Seventy9 Creative will ensure your video content speaks to the right audience with the right voice.

Capturing what Matters

Seventy9’s videography team will work with you to understand your consumer in order to create videos that not only inspire and engage your audience but compel action through contact and purchase. By capturing content that is crucial for your industry, video will deliver results.

Paint your Story

We now live in a world that is public to everyone; whether through Boomerang on Instagram, Facebook Live or your Meet the Team showreel. Your consumer wants to know who you are and what you do. Let Seventy9 help tell your story.

Talking Heads

If you have a spokesperson who sounds good onscreen and is equipped with the right message, it can create a strong bond between you and your potential customers.

Talking heads videos enables businesses to get a large amount of information across in a short space of time and people are more likely to watch an entire video than read a full page of web content.

While visitors to your site are more likely to watch video content than read a piece of content, length is an important factor in engagement. Keeping it short helps. It also means your message is likely to be better focused because you have less time to fill.


We want to build collaborative relationships with our clients; we want to understand you and your business. The more we know about you, the more we can push you out of your comfort zone and direct you to drive results.

Production Process

Seventy9 Creative will work with you to define achievable objectives and research your target audience. Together we will create your story, film your script, edit to bring your story to life and finally optimise, distribute and measure your success.

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Social Media Dominance

With Snapchat generating 10 billion views a day, over 5 billion videos watched per day on YouTube and 500 million Facebook users watching video every day, it is safe to say video content must be a key component of your marketing strategy.

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