Content Management

Content Management

Change the content of your website anywhere!

Seventy9's website content management system has every tool required to build a fully responsive website, add, edit and remove pages, promote your product portfolio or publish a blog, straight out of the box!

Presented as a flexible, scalable, user friendly solution, managing your website would have a simple operating ease without the need for any specialist programming or training.

Seventy9 integrates a CMS around your needs, building your site, organising your sitemap, setting up initial categorisation, assigning features, functions and authorisation and customising individual components to all of your requirements.

An example of the Seventy9 content management system

Benefits of a Seventy9 CMS

Websites perfectly created for advanced Content Management, ecommerce, secure areas, podcasts, galleries, intelligent site search and module rich publishing.

Available support from the Seventy9 CMS development team.

Intelligent categorisation, with data search and storage transformation.

An example of the Seventy9 content management system

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