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Fastline DPF Regeneration Pro – getting a new product online fast

Fastline DPF Regeneration Pro – getting a new product online fast

Bespoke build CMS website and Google Digital Marketing

We have worked with the Fastline Group in Kettering for many years, so when they purchased a new state of the art, DPF cleaning machine, they came to Seventy9 to get this new service out to market fast.

If you own a diesel vehicle did you know that you may need to get your DPF cleaned to remove the soot? Did you know such a machine exists that cleans your DPF cost effectively and is environmentally friendly on a same day service?

Fastline had invested in this machinery and needed Northamptonshire to know about their new service.

Firstly, we designed and built a brand new dedicated website just for their DPF Regeneration service – which was also backlinked to the Fastline website.

We retained the same design as the recently upgraded Fastline Group website for brand awareness and kept the website as a small, information brochure style site – with all the information someone will need to get their DPF regenerated. The content within the site reflects SEO needed by Google to give the domain top authority in keyword ranking.

If the dreaded DPF warning symbol is seen on your dashboard, the last thing any driver wants to see is a complicated website – clean, concise and to the point… sometimes that’s all that is needed. Does your website allow you to call a business with just one click?

The site was then taken over by our Google Digital Marketing teams to ensure meta titles and descriptions would bring users to the website and call Fastline to book an appointment. The team also designed a tactical Google Ads campaign to ensure Fastline DPF cleaning service was top of Google search from the get-go. We ensure that this local service information is just one click through the website, an Ad or through the Google Business Profile. All the information, where you need it, when you need it.

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