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The Brief

When Imago Venues embarked on a rebrand project, they wanted to include new websites across their brand for all their venues. These venues fell under the collective of Loughborough University and included The Link Hotel, Burleigh Court, Holywell Park and the Loughborough Campus. This collective required standalone websites with their own individuality, whilst maintaining the Imago Venue new brand. The websites needed to encourage visitors to not only book events but to buy into the complete package of accommodation, catering and entertainment.

Imago Venues specialise in sporting events through the Loughborough Campus, but also run successful large conferences, small business meetings and weddings.

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The Brand

Seventy9 was presented with a branding document that was very specific about each venue logo and colour, which when put together then created the overall Imago Venues logo and branding. We were to create visually outstanding website designs that not only encouraged visitors to find out more about additional venues within the brand but also have the functionality to quickly book functions and download venue information.

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The Design

Seventy9 took each venue website separately and designed stunning visuals that incorporated the single colour used in their logo with slight flourishes of colour from the Imago Venues logo to bring the branding together. Each website had standalone booking systems that had the functionality to link into each other so visitors could put complete packages together. A wedding may be held at Burleigh Court, but the website gave them the opportunity to book further accommodation at The Link Hotel, whilst adding on spa treatment at Burleigh Spa.

Various Imago Venues
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Imago Venues

The Imago Venues website was then designed to be a cacophony of colour, incorporating all the brand colours together from their own Imago Venues brandmark. Working with colour sliders, visitors could choose which venue they wanted to find out more about and then click through to the relevant website to make a booking. Imago Venues would be information led to encourage visitors to contact them to use their event planning services as part of their branding initiative was recognition to them selling an experience not just a service.

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Additional Functionality

All the Imago Venues websites needed to be seen in a very competitive leisure market. Seventy9 designed visuals that conveyed excellent customer service, provided easy to use navigation and visible call to actions. A bespoke booking system module was designed to upsell services to the visitor; including spa treatments, catering, delegate packages and accommodation upgrades; all services that were relevant to the visitors requirements with a quick and easy process to book.

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