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The pandemic had a dramatic effect on our daily lives and changed the way that many of us work, forcing us to do our jobs remotely, but it looks like the home office is here to stay. Even now that we can go back into the office, many people will continue to work from home as this worked surprisingly well for both employers and employees during the lockdowns.

Employers saw a future in which they were less tethered to expensive office real estate and their staff were just as productive in the comfort of their own homes. Zoom meetings and group chats are now the norm for many of us. However, a hybrid work model, in which some employees work from home some of the time, is now the dominant office job arrangement for many businesses. This is the case for our business and personally, this really works for me.

I have found working from home to have its ups and downs. The flexibility of it is great as I got a puppy through lockdown, so I find myself heading to the garden on coffee breaks to enjoy the sunshine and step away from my screen. Also, having a little buddy to keep me company during the working day has been great.

However, it can be challenging to have a solid work/life balance when you don’t leave the house for work. Transitioning to hybrid working at our business has helped with that and having a couple of days a week in the office has provided the communications/social element we were missing in the pandemic.

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As more people can work from anywhere, more people will. There’s been a huge increase in the number of remote job postings on LinkedIn compared with last year, proving that this way of working isn’t going anywhere.

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