The ramblings from a director of a digital agency Part 16


Shane Webster

Director at Seventy9

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Last week my blog was mainly centred around social media and I am (not) proud to say that I am fully up and running on TikTok. My debut video (and only one so far) was a short clip of me 'down my allotment' which has thus far had over 500 views. Not sure how, but there you go! My 12-year-old son was most impressed... Apparently only 'cool dudes' are on TikTok. Hmmm!

Our Seventy9 presence on this platform has also started, but we are yet to fully embrace it as a team. Mainly because of our 'hybrid working model' which we have adapted since covid. I think we need to be together a bit more than we are, but I've bleated on about that several times previously so I will not bore you with that again! Suffice to say that 'creative output' is often brought about by human interaction, so its more food for thought on that matter. The work we produce is I believe of great quality, both creative wise and also from a search engine perspective. However our own day to day running of the business when it comes up innovative new ideas etc could be better in my opinion. I strive to improve things all the time and am my own biggest critic. My wife, colleagues and most of my mates wouldn't agree with that personal assessment, but they are all wrong!

A quick shout out on recruitment. We are on the hunt for a digital marketing specialist, so please visit our careers page if you might be that person or indeed know someone who could be.

New enquiry wise, it's been a crazy week. I have said a couple of times recently that things had quietened down a bit in that regard, but this week that has all changed. At one point we had four new business enquiries in the space of 15 minutes...that has literally never happened before. Ever! So we have had lots of meetings and as such, lots of quotations/proposals have been sent out. Thats the best part of my job, I get a real buzz out of new business having come from a sales background prior to starting Seventy9 nearly 18 years ago now with my business partner David.

Outside of the good ship Seventy9, it's been a week of ups and downs. The Cobblers were well and truly shafted by appalling officials in both their play off games so we 'go again' in league2 come August...I will of course be there. Along with my extremely passionate son (pictured). On a positive side, I have made huge progress at the allotment, managing to get down there 5 times since I last blogged a week ago. We are off to Hemsby again so looking forward to a 'beach day' on either Saturday or Sunday and forgetting about football!

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