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WordPress has been rolling out its Beta milestones since April and now we have a dry run-on Monday with a full release on Tuesday 24th May.

What can we expect from WordPress 6.0?

The last major release saw the foundations of the Gutenberg editor being laid; now we will see how they have improved the user experience of all the features.

Site Editor

Whilst we understand WordPress 6.0 is going to improve the editor with new features, until the final release is rolled out on Tuesday, developers are still tweaking and bug fixing. There are plenty of rumours about what to expect, but we are going to wait and see for ourselves. The main updates will include:


WordPress Blocks have been vastly improved with the introduction of new blocks, live previews of your styling options, six new block transformation options and the new Nested Quote Block.

Design Tools

WordPress is always aiming to improve user experience, so they are expanding customisation options and improving the colour palette interface. Will they reintroduce the WebFonts API – we will have to wait and see!

WordPress new features!


Have you seen the pattern creator and directory in the previous updates? WordPress 6.0 is changing the use of the quick block inserter, which is now going to show pattern options instead.

The Joséphine (WordPress 5.9) release in January gave us new updates galore, but the WordPress developers didn’t want to stop there and are pushing forward with a roadmap that is making this platform so much more friendly for end-user experience. We are so looking forward to Tuesday!

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