The ramblings from a director of a digital agency Part 15


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This week my blog is going to be mainly about social media. Kiera wrote her first blog for us this week and it got me *thinking* a lot about how it's so difficult to decipher which social channels we should really be focusing on! There are of course, so many. The main ones are obvious. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn... Tiktok and Snapchat being the most 'popular' ones here in the UK. Not forgetting of course, YouTube.

UK: leading social networks by usage reach 2021 | Statista

Currently we have accounts set up for the big4, and we have decided this week to start up 'Ticktocking'. I'm not sure that's even a word or whether that's what it's called... but I'm 49 so I don't care. Well I do actually, because I'm a director of a digital agency! One of our clients asked us the other day about 'Instaface' and it reminded me of the classic 'Facetube' Peter Kaye sketch! Fortunately, we have people in our team who are much more up to speed with things in this regard than I am, but for my age group I'm fairly savvy when it comes to social media. But it's sooo difficult to keep up with the trends that are constantly changing at a rapid pace. As a business it's the last thing we can afford to get behind on so it's an area we are currently focusing on more so than ever before.

I have a spreadsheet with all our numbers on, and on a daily basis look at how they are performing. I have a plan to ramp things up and in turn I hope that it's a service area of our business that we can do the same with. It's always very difficult to gauge an ROI (which is obviously my focus) but we plan to be around for a fair few more years yet, so engaging with the younger demographic is absolutely a must, given that they will be the next generation of decision-making influencers. So, I want them to know about Seventy9 now! Recruitment is always something in the back of my mind as well so that's another reason why we need to reach out to those people. Even Boris Johnson this week has started using the TikTok platform - I only know because I just googled tiktok 'latest news' and found out. I can assure you that that didn't influence us... the decision was made before he started!

Outside of social media, not a lot's happened. We've sailed the ship another week with the usual progress on projects being made. We've also had some fantastic meetings with prospective new clients, names of which I clearly can't mention on here. But we really do hope that they choose us to be their digital partner(s). None of them mentioned Tictok but I’m sure they will be jumping all over that soon! :)

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I will end my weekly ramble with a full-on rant. Football related, as usual. Northampton Town were absolutely robbed of promotion last weekend due to events at another game when a rival club played its youth team allowing the team, they were up against to win 7-0 and move above us on goals scored (not even goal difference) and beat us at the post to 3rd place. So, we now head into the playoffs, thanks to some 'dirty money' probably changing hands. That isn't of course a factual statement, just my own opinion (and the view of every other Cobblers fan I know) ... and I've been careful not to mention any names!!! But 'we go again' on Saturday - I just hope that justice prevails, and we march past Mansfield and then win the final at Wembley.

Should be a cracking weekend weather wise - enjoy! :)

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