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Well I think it's fair to say it's been a bit of a roller coaster of a week!
We are experiencing a bit of frustration with the post covid jobs market; we now have two vacancies, one of which we haven't fully specked out yet but the other one (digital marketeer) can be found on our Careers page... so if you know anybody who might be interested in joining our team, please send them the link!

This week we have had a young lady in the office for her work experience. Aisha has been an absolute pleasure to have around, and we all wish her the very best for the future. She would like a career in art/design. Her passion is drama/acting... I told her to 'chase her dreams'. She is 15, and has the world at her feet. I have no doubt that she will succeed big time, and a special mention to her father as well who has been so appreciative throughout the week. If you are reading this, there's really no need Sir... you have an amazing daughter and the chocolates were very much appreciated... and we will find a permanent home for her homemade card. One of my favourite sayings is, 'it's been emotional'... and it most definitely has been! Fantastic stuff...

This week has been a very strong one for sales. We have been awarded three sizable projects and we are very much looking forward to getting stuck into them. Kiera is really embracing her social media work and along with Carrie that 'department' is getting busier with each passing week. We have a great blend of social media clients now, and we are really looking to kick on in that area now we have got additional resource. If you are looking for some help with your social media presence, you know where we are!

I'm now off for the week, back to Hemsby to our holiday home. Can't wait. I can relax at weekends now that the football season is done and dusted as far as the Cobblers are concerned, so this week the sport I will be watching will be the Champions League Final on Saturday and the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday. I do not expect the latter to spring up anything interesting. They need to get rid of it, impossible to overtake! I've been an avid F1 fan for over 40 years and always watch the Grand Prix.

Jubilee Celebrations

The allotment has proper kicked on now. I reckon it's the best we've got the plot since we took it on five years ago. 15 different varieties of veg, salad and fruit are now all showing signs of life, and we've got some other stuff still to plant out.

My next blog will be around 9th/10th June... so enjoy the Jubilee Bank Holiday and I'll bore you all with my next ramblings on my return! :)

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