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Well it's been great weather all week, we've had a 'mini' covid outbreak, and I think it's fair to say that we are at loggerheads as to which way to turn next!

I'm sure all small business owners will relate to this when I say that as a director, I simply do not know at the minute which 'job' to prioritise. This is because the colleagues I need time with to push forward with things that I am dealing with are either permanently at meetings, reacting to things (I hate being reactive, always best to be proactive!) or simply burying their head in sand when it comes to the greater scheme of things! The latter has to be taken as intended. I will always be totally open and honest with my blogging, because otherwise what's the point? I don't put spin on things, I say it how I see it. It's been a very frustrating week but what I do know is that it will all sort itself out quickly and this little storm that I am riding with my work will pass by and I will soon be back in calmer waters. We all deal with things differently, and I will always try to rationally think things through, but I also know that at times it doesn't come across like that... I have always worn my heart on my sleeve and will always do so because that's in my personality make up!

Before I wrote this I spent a few hours playing email tennis, writing to do lists and priority lists etc... hopefully we will finish the week off with a few of those tasks completed and all will be good again!

We've got one week left before our new admin guru jumps aboard...hurry up, 1/4. We need you Amanda!

Outside of work...Cobblers lost and didn't play well. Grrrr. I have though won 2 out of 2 this week so far in my squash matches. I've done 3 hours of digging at our allotment, mowed the lawn and weeded the back garden (!!) and my wife has planted some seeds as we officially 'go again' when it comes to the growing season! I've also done a shed load of spring-cleaning, a 'tip run', cleared out our 'lean to' and our home office is ready and waiting for its two new desks to arrive any day soon.

This weekend, my son has a big show at the Lighthouse Theatre in Kettering, so with rehearsals on Friday evening and the show (x2) itself on Saturday, most of the weekend takes care of itself. I'll be sneaking off to watch the Cobblers again on Saturday afternoon though, after I've had a decent pub meal of course! Then on Sunday it's of course Mothers Day; we are off to my stepson and his girlfriend's for dinner, then I'll be going around to see my Mum in the evening to coincide with the Grand Prix.... When hopefully both the Red Bulls will break again. That was definitely the highlight of my week last week... A 5-minute spell of pure heaven. Have a good one folks!!


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