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Well it's the start of April, first quarter done and dusted... and the first time I've reflected properly on our start to 2022. Overall it's been pretty good to be fair. We've managed to increase our sales by around 15% comparing the two periods, which is most welcome and means that we will be able to afford to pay our electricity bill (Jo has just asked me if I've seen this month's bill :/). Hopefully we can continue this upward projection going into Q2... If so, then my car might enjoy a full tank of diesel. I acknowledge that I'm maybe being a bit too optimistic!

We've also had a particular productive week with two new websites going live. That is, after all, what we are here for and why we do what we do. It always generates a buzz when the end product can be viewed in all its glory on the internet, and Jo our project manager always lets the whole team know via an internal email to everyone. Great for motivation and moral! which is built on our own content management system and which is a WordPress site. Both have been very enjoyable projects to work on and we hope that our clients are pleased with them.

Our new office administrator started today, and we welcome Amanda to our team. We hope that she has enjoyed her first day sailing on the good ship Seventy9. It also means that I will not have to do any of the purchase ledger work anymore... a job I truly despise... so Jo - please take my name off of the invoices! :)

A mixed bag outside of work for yours truly. On Wednesday night I lost at Squash for my team... particularly annoying as my opponent essentially 'did a job on me'. I got frustrated, even kicked the squash ball at one point in pure frustration. I guess only people who play sport will 'get this' but it's far worse being outplayed by someone who 'takes advantage' of your weaknesses than someone who simply outplays you with their own game! Fair play to him, a top bloke as well and we did laugh about it moments after the game had finished. I'm extremely competitive but pride myself on being very respectful and 'a good loser' in the sense that once the game is finished, that's it and it's time for a beer. 'I go again' next Wednesday night for the last match of the season...

On the flip side, a good win for the mighty Cobblers last Saturday and this weekend I head to Mansfield for a 'jolly day' out. We board the train at 10am, a fair few beers will be consumed and my 12 year old son will once again probably have to witness his Dad being a bit 'loud' at times throughout the day. Hopefully in particularly on the way home on the train celebrating 3 points and a huge step towards promotion!

Finally, what a great Grand Prix last Sunday. Fair play to Mad Max who once again showed his class on the track. I'm a huge Lewis Hamilton fan but will always acknowledge a class act when I see one. I'm still smarting a bit after what happened last year, but what cannot go under the radar is how good Max truly is. Many people over the years have told me that Formula1 is boring... well if you still hold that view, you are clearly not watching the races.... it's anything but boring.

Hope you've all had a decent week - until next time folks!


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