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As we approach Easter, I feel we are now really starting to push on a fair bit again. It's been a 'quiet few weeks' in terms of new projects starting, but today (Friday) we have received confirmation from two companies whom we have been speaking with that they would like us to proceed with designing and building them new websites. Both are sizable and exciting projects so that's a timely boost before I go away for a week over Easter.

On the flip side, the 'quiet time' in terms of new jobs has meant that our focus has been on finishing off current projects as well as trying to 'aggressively push along' several clients who are slow getting content and feedback to us!! They will know who they are (!), however all will know that we are VERY proactive at chasing them at any time, but we've been ramping that up even more. I often get asked 'how long will it take for you to build us a website' and my answer is always 'it depends on how quickly you provide feedback or in some cases content (we do help in that regard, but it's not always possible to due to the complexity of some companies’ products/services). Everyone has good intentions but often the day-to-day stuff gets in the way and marketing projects get put down the list. Frustrating for us but at the same time, it does enable us to be pretty flexible with our resource and jump on things quickly if needed.

This week we have set two more brand-new websites live - and Two very different types of businesses, if you are reading this please take a look... both are WordPress themed sites. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that primarily we code in either WordPress or on our own bespoke platform.

I won't be blogging next week, spending the Easter week in our caravan. Had a fantastic day out at Mansfield last week watching the Cobblers lose, so apart from between 3 and 5pm fun was had by all. As well as plenty of beers and chicken wings (!) Signed off the squash season with a 3-0 victory, my plan now is to avoid playing for four weeks (which will be very hard for me) given I've got quite chronic tendonitis which I've been suffering with for several weeks. A classic racket sport injury.... grrr. Finally we've had a cracking couple of meals on our (a Christmas present) Ninja Air Fryer. It's taken a while to take it out of its box and use it, which was a huge mistake. Chicken in particular is amazing on it, as well as wedges. If you haven't got one, you need to get one!

Have a decent Easter folks - catch you all soon after!


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