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Today you thought you would tune in and catch up with Shane’s ramblings as a director of a digital agency. Sorry, he’s sunning himself on the deck of his other home in Norfolk but will no doubt be listening in as the Cobblers play away at Oldham Athletic on Saturday. We could do with a win.

So whilst I eat my Hot Cross Bun, I will reflect on my week in the office.

This week, it’s been a bit like Christmas week. Constantly chasing after people that are finishing early for the week but still owe me content for their website launch, getting last minute requests before they finished on Wednesday.

Amanda is settling in quickly and getting a grip with the admin – many of you will start to hear her dulcet tones next week when she starts on the accounts 😊.

My poor development team don’t know whether they are coming or going; my peace offering of an Easter Egg last week long forgotten and eaten as I’m a grouchy woman of a certain age. They are putting up with me though and I thank them for it. We’ve got two more websites that are ready to launch early next week, but I will let Shane announce those next Friday. Our design team has been working on several promotional leaflets – yes, we are still doing a fair amount of print work. We also have four new website briefs this week to keep us busy.

A selection of painted eggs
I’ve worked with Seventy9 now for nearly six years and during that time I’ve seen many changes within the business. We now host and develop many WordPress websites and our own bespoke CMS has grown in strength year by year. The biggest change I’ve seen over the years is the decrease in the maintenance jobs that come in. We now have a structured schedule for our clients’ support packages where we are constantly looking under the bonnet, checking contact forms, updating plugins, making sure all pages are functioning. This means that 9 times out of 10, we’re finding any problems before either our clients or our digital marketing specialists do. Keeps us busy but allows our clients to do their own job and not worry about the website.

Happy Easter everyone – go and eat lots and lots of chocolate!

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