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Firstly, I hope everyone had a great Easter break. It's been a fortnight since my last blog due to myself going away for a week. The start of this week was rather quiet (for us) but in the last two days it's returned to being manic... Probably as a result of people settling back in after the holidays and finding time to focus back on working on their businesses as working in them. At Seventy9 we tend to find that traditionally quiet times for many businesses are often our busiest times because that's when people think about marketing!! For example, December and the run-up to Christmas is ALWAYS our busiest time of the year...

No new sites to report going live this week (trying to get sign-offs on the run-up to Easter is practically impossible) but we are very close on a few so hopefully next week I can share those launches with you all. We have been awarded work from three new clients and thank them all and hope to work with them for many years. We have also had another internal mini Covid disruption, so a few meetings have had to be re-arranged etc., either because of Covid at the client's end or at our end... Pretty much standard I guess for all of us at the minute! Frustrating but I think when you know 'you've got it' you've got to do the right thing... I personally would find it immoral acting around people as normal if I knew I had the virus. This may cause a bit of disagreement, but I say things as I see them. There are no laws now to self-isolate, and we must 'live with it', I 'get that'... However, the government has never needed to tell me what's right from wrong, and I'll therefore keep backing my own judgement on things. Like I did in lockdown!! 😁

Anyway. I digress. We now look like we are heading into an economic downturn with significant increases in costs, higher inflation etc. All I'll say though is, be positive! Re-adjust and evolve accordingly. Push on, don't sit back. The fittest will survive and prosper (like they always do) so I'll try and make sure that Seventy9 stays brave, creative and pushes new boundaries, whether technologic (I leave that to other people!!!) or in terms of generating new business enquiries (my job). We work as a team, and I always believe that you need to ensure that your best players play in their best positions (footballing analogy) ...

Easter new life

Enough of work now. HUGE game coming up for the mighty Cobblers this weekend which I will sadly be missing due to being at our static caravan again. Six points over Easter was most welcome, and we go into the final three games with all to play for. I've managed to get myself down to the allotment for a couple of decent shifts this week to compliment my wife's efforts so that 'hobby' is picking itself back up quickly once more (note from PM - "compliment" my wife's efforts or "complement" her working with her? 😁). We had a great family week away on the East Coast in our caravan, far too many 'beers and kebabs' were consumed though. Not being literal but you get my drift! So I went on a long two-hour walk on Tuesday to try and get a little fitness back due to the fact I'm currently injured with tendonitis and cannot play squash. Grrr.

Lot's to look forward to as we come towards the latter part of spring. Stay positive, keep smiling and laugh into the face of adversity when it tries to stare you out!

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