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The sun is shining and it's getting warmer...

A decent week at Seventy9 Towers and a week nearer to when our new admin maestro starts with us. It's been a long two months waiting...and I'm sure it's not just me who is very much looking forward to Amanda joining. I'm getting utterly 'sick to death' doing the business' horrible job of 'credit control'! :)

A fair number of proposals and quotations have been sent out this week. Lots of Zooms and a few face to face 'old school' meetings as well. It's good to be back, not a day goes by when I realise how much I've missed interacting with people as we did 'before the world ended'. That said, I still value the 'new way of working' in that it saves an awful lot of time travelling etc., to every single meeting, BUT a mix of virtual and face to face is my preference over 100% virtual!

A great weekend at our Norfolk retreat last week. Not so great listening to radio Northampton (I got my Dad to put his phone next to the radio for two hours!) last Saturday afternoon though when the Cobblers lost out to a 94th minute penalty. Put me in a right mood for a couple of hours did that! That said, we won again on Tuesday night so all is good again as far as the Cobblers are concerned. I look forward to hospitality there on Saturday, I'm taking a couple of our clients... hopefully we will win and cap off a good day out!

Outside of work and football, utterly awful what continues to happen in Ukraine on a daily basis. I won't get political other than to say...Putin is a xxxx. Decide for yourself the best four letters to replace the x's with. A truly horrible creature and one whom needs to leave our planet as soon as possible.

I filled my car up the other the pump...and it stopped at £99.00. It still wasn't actually full. It's getting rather silly now... if fuel keeps going up like it is, no one will be able to afford to travel to work... so we will all be back in some form of lockdown! The extra VAT must be coming in rather handy for the government, but I guess it's pointless them reducing it because we will only be loaded up with tax somewhere else. Probably something that is 'more green' as well. So I'll leave it at that. But extremely frustrating nonetheless. Would surely make sense to help out businesses that hugely rely on transport in some way though...

Ending on a positive. Another website went live in recent days please take a look and treat yourself, now that the sun is finally out for a few days! :)


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