The ramblings from a director of a digital agency Part 7


Shane Webster

Director at Seventy9

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Firstly, much better weather this won't be long before we have our evenings back! Two weeks on Saturday I believe the clocks change...

Things have really really picked up this week in terms of enquiries. Thus far it's been a really busy week, a lot of businesses are really taking their digital (Google in particular) marketing seriously, the days when a website goes live and is just 'left to be found' disappeared a fair few years ago now but it's still taking a lot of time for many companies to find the time to focus on this channel and start reaping the benefits. Whether it's organic search improvements or embarking on PPC (AdWords) campaigns - or both - getting nearer the busy end of Google searches could make so much difference to the level of enquiries you get!

Another long standing project went live this week - - if you get a chance please take a look. Ram Universal are a really valued and longstanding client of ours and we are proud of the working relationship we have built with them over the last few years.

Internally we've had more discussions and more debate about the finer details of the hybrid model of working we are trying to finalise on. It's such a divisive subject, and I speak for myself when I say I am getting rather fed up with it! So many pros and cons, so much to consider. Ultimately though we hope to strike the right balance and I'm sure we are slowly 'getting there' so to speak. We listen to every member of our team; we consult with them regularly and take their views on this subject very seriously. In turn they do ours. Many people still feel much more assured when dealing face to face with clients rather than everything being on Zoom; they like to physically meet and get to know who they are dealing with. So, it's important that they see a creative agency with actual people rather than just empty desks all the time! It’s got to be said though, I am finding that most people who enquire about a service are now much more comfortable having that initial contact on Zoom, which of course does have many benefits. It's actually far easier for us to present stuff for example, and the meeting has far less distractions. Continuous food for thought!

Tomorrow I'm taking my wife (who doesn't drive) down to our static caravan in Norfolk for the first time this year. She will be spending most of the day getting it 'lived in again', before I return back on Friday with our young son for the weekend. Can't wait! Very much looking forward to being back on the beach again... it's where I'm most happy (90 minutes on a Saturday at football aside of course but that often doesn't work out well!) - I think better, I come up with new ideas...basically once we've got no child commitments we will no doubt spend a good 50% of our time there. It's great for working as well....I've found I'm very productive sat on the decking during the summer on my laptop/phone. Away from the 'rat race' - seagulls chirping away - much better than being stuck at home or in the office as far as I’m concerned! :)

Last point. Wednesday 10th March marked the 125th anniversary of Northampton Town Football Club. My team. I've been supporting them for 35 of them. I've seen us become champions of our division twice, been promoted five times, and relegated six times. I've seen us lose at places like Stourbridge on a Tuesday night in the FA Cup and win at places like Anfield on penalties in the League Cup. I've seen us win in the last minute at Wembley and lose (very badly) at Wembley. I've seen us nearly go bust three times. I've seen us stay in the football league on the last day of the season... on one occasion saved by Pat Garvin's bum with minutes to go (only Cobblers fans will understand this!). During that time, I've seen it all. I've made many, many friends along the way. Had so many fantastic days out. I've made sooo many memories. I now take my youngest every game and he utterly loves it and shares my passion all the way. Join my world, much better than following a team which might finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th in the premiership EVERY single season!

Catch you all soon!


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