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I remember walking up to the Sacre Coeur in Paris and seeing my first ever QR code on one of their noticeboards. At the time I had no idea what it was.

Fast forward at least a decade and QR codes are popping up everywhere, having been resurrected throughout the pandemic as a means of quickly viewing a website, a specific landing page or checking into a venue or shop using your mobile. I am sure many of you have all ordered drinks in one of The Lounges by zapping their QR code which takes you directly to the drinks menu of the correct franchise. And many of us have used them to get fast access through the airport when on holiday!

Are they here to stay; yes I think they are – have you spotted the QR codes on the TV? Sky uses one to take you to their news page, Vodafone has just added one to their latest advert and beauty product companies have been using them to lure us girls into buying their products online for months now.

What is a QR code?

A Quick Response code was originally made up of black and white pixel patterns, they are now available to download in lots of colours, some even with frames. They allow instant access to information hidden within the pixel code.

What are the benefits of a QR code?

With the huge increase of smartphones, this is a quick and easy way for camera apps/QR code readers to increase customer engagement with your products and services through a single scan. If TV adverts are using them; this is proving just how quickly you can jump from watching a commercial on the TV to scrolling through the advertiser’s website on your mobile.

Use them on your printed marketing material, including your business cards and brochures. Use them at exhibitions for a sign-up page on your website.

Where can I get a QR code?

Just Google QR Code generator – there are lots of free and paid for generators out there. This is an unpaid, unsponsored, non-influencer post; there are no links here!

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