The ramblings from a director of a digital agency Part 6


Shane Webster

Director at Seventy9

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It’s been a relatively quiet week at the good ship Seventy9, so nothing of significance to tell you about! Lots of internal meetings and discussions about how we move the business forward in certain areas, but it’s fair to say that no decisions have yet been made. It all seems rather quiet out there in the big wide business world. I guess that the situation in Ukraine isn't overly helping, there is clearly so much uncertainty amongst us with inflation rapidly increasing, imminent hikes in interest rates to come no doubt, ever rising fuel costs etc. Surely the time to market your business more than ever, eh?!!!

Tongue in cheek it may be, but out of a crisis always comes new and significant opportunities, we very much found that when COVID arrived. Everything works in cycles, so as it’s a bit quieter than it has been. I’m trying to use that time to sort out situations that otherwise wouldn't get the same level of attention. I've also been analysing how I use my own time in the business and am trying to evolve my own role within it.

I have always been fairly 'old school' when it comes to chasing new work and opportunities, and it’s delivered a good level of success. However, in certain areas (for example LinkedIn marketing) we have let things slip so a real emphasis is now being channelled into that platform (well it will be!!) like we already do for some of our clients.

I am also taking personal responsibility of our own digital marketing so our resource in that area does not have Seventy9's own presence to concern themselves with. I am always conscious that our own needs are treated on the same level as those of our clients, because our own needs pay the wages of our team, they help us improve our resources and therefore ultimately helps us provide an even better service.

Sometimes though, you get too busy and those needs are cast aside to serve your customer base. I am certain that EVERY business goes through these spells, and many businesses never exit them! I *think* I can put in the quality time needed to take our own enquiry stream to another level, and I have many ideas about how I will go about this. I will talk about this more in my coming blogs.

Outside of work has been a very busy week. After much consideration, I have ordered a new car and stuck with a diesel. I was utterly sold on 'going electric' but for me personally, the numbers simply didn't add up. Plus, the lead time on electric cars is crazy; the deal I agreed sees APR at just 2.9% (I believe that will be more like 5.9% in 6 months for the same car), the electric equivalent would have cost me around £250 a month more. So even after-tax benefits are factored in and lower running costs, an electric powered car doesn't work for me. Maybe in 3-4 years’ time when I look again it will; I hope it does.

Sport wise has been mixed. Playing well at squash has been countered by the Cobblers playing very badly now for the last 3 games. But eh ho, that’s football. it’s a VERY frustrating 'hobby' following a lower league football team with many lows as well as highs. We are still in the mix though, hopefully I will feel differently again in a weeks time. I Enjoyed a few beers on Saturday night and ended up booking a decent trip, I'll go into a bit of detail next week on that.

Have a good week; and happy spring. Which technically started on the 1st March! :)


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