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Well it’s been a fortnight or so since my last blog, and we are now almost one sixth of our way through the year....Scary eh! That said, it will soon be much lighter and much warmer so bring on the spring and summer months which are so much more enjoyable.

Not a huge amount to report as far as Seventy9 is concerned. A long standing website project (we are talking pre-covid) was finally completed last week - Action Express - and our client is very happy with it.

A few people at their end were involved with the project, and with covid taking its toll, the months had passed by. I am sure a lot of businesses have found similar types of projects very difficult to finish simply because of resource being stretched and other areas of their businesses being prioritised etc. Hopefully now things will quickly continue to return 'back to some form of normality'....whatever that actually is!

Outside of work, my wife, 12 year old son and myself enjoyed our first trip abroad for over two years.

Our destination was Cape Verde. Extremely windy, but nice and warm (about 23/24 degrees) so we returned with rather impressive sun tans! Not a lot to do there, but we knew that anyway. A week was about right. Great food, and lots of alcohol was consumed. Last night’s squash match provided evidence of that as it went into a deciding 5th game; never been more 'knackered' at the end of a match. I did win but got some big flukes at the very end which helped more so than actual good play! Sometimes you get lucky, others you don't :)

I did particularly enjoy tuning in to the commentary for Northampton Town’s game on the Saturday we were there. Quite surreal 'listening to the wireless' on full blast on a sun lounger on the beach six hours flight time away. We won 3-0 and I’m confident that everyone within 100 metres of where we were sat was fully aware of that!

Have a good weekend - might have something more topical to say next week. Then again, I might not!


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