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December has been a bit of a crazy month in so many ways...a bit like most of the year has. A year of so many ups and downs. Seventy9 has recorded its best ever years on both sides of our business, although it’s fair to say that our growth has 'slowed' in recent months as the economic challenges have become more tricky to navigate. What the actual trends for us are, I’m not too sure...I think the first 3 months of next year will tell us where our journey is likely to take us for a fair chunk of time thereafter.

Personally, I’m optimistic that we can continue to sail the good ship Seventy9 positively, through turbulent waters. I’ve said many times, that when there is a negative an opportunity presents itself to make it into a positive. Cliche ladened I know, but that's my general outlook on life. I work too live, not live too work. For me, Monday to Friday (I appreciate that’s not everybody's hours!!) 'buys you the weekend' to do what you please. The harder and more success that I can make myself, the more rewarding it is outside of working hours, the more places I can visit with my family and friends, the closer I get to being able to ultimately live how I intend to live. Essentially, I want to travel around in a camper van, live half my life on the coast and in between, grow vegetables and work in the main remotely! Throwing in watching the Cobblers most weekends, of course! Not sure how I’m going to find the right balance, and it certainly won’t happen until my lad who is 13 is no longer dependent on us. So, for now its full steam ahead getting all the ducks in order and trying to reach a series of goals...

I believe that in the coming years, online (digital) marketing will become more and more important. Even more so than it is now. Cracking social media and having presences on the right channels is a massive must for practically all businesses. We (Seventy9) must continue to develop and evolve our social media and content creation services at a pace that gives us the edge versus our competitors. We must continue to do the same in our web department, particularly in terms of driving more efficient working practices. We have made huge headway in that area in recent times, a continuation will mean that we will continue to grow our client base and carry on offering what we believe to be an excellent service.

As it’s my last post of 2022 I would like to thank all of our team for their sterling efforts this year. I won’t name them individually but each and every one of them I hope will be with us in 12 months’ time. That has rarely ever been the case before... we are very, very fortunate in that regard. Not one of them causes me any negative grief, some are maybe more 'quirky' than others but that is 100% a good thing! I’m most definitely not a straightforward individual and can be a nightmare at times to work with but hopefully not too bad overall!!

Today (22/12) we are going to Trapp'd for our Christmas do, followed by a Christmas dinner at a local pub. Then it’s chill out time until 3rd January. Nothing unusual about my own plans over Christmas, mainly family stuff and another stay in Norfolk for New Year. Hopefully the Cobblers will continue their quest for promotion during that time. In the main I enjoyed the World Cup and thought we were pretty unfortunate to get beaten by France in what was a very decent game. Just a shame about the ref, eh!

I hope you all have a great break...until the next time! :)


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