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Firstly, welcome to my first ever blog! And a happy new year to you all.

2021 was a tough year for many of us in many different ways. Constantly having to change and evolve our daily working day methods; in particular trying to retain an excellent team environment whilst in the main, working remotely.

We enter 2022 under the guidance of ‘work from home if you can’ which is essentially what Seventy9 has been doing for the best part now of 2 years. So for us, nothing really changes.

We were fortunate to be able to make that transition more smoothly than most, given that we are 99% a paperless business, already had all of the hardware and software in place (as you would expect from a digital agency!) and (in the main 😊 ) a young and dynamic work force that can quickly adapt to new circumstances.

However, our client base covers a vast amount of different types of businesses and we have seen at first hand how much more challenging it’s been for many of those companies and organisations than it perhaps has been for ourselves. They have been very tricky times but I’m very pleased to say that the very vast majority of our clients have stayed strong, been innovative, thought outside of the box and in some instances really evolved their products or services to meet a new type of demand.

As a director (one of three) of a small business, the most important thing for me is the team we have. We have been in business now for over 15 years and I can say with total confidence that we are now in our strongest ever position, and are very proud of what we have achieved…especially during the course of the pandemic.

As we enter 2022 I’m pretty sure we are doing what many of you are doing…planning for the year ahead. Setting targets, goals in the business as well as aiming to achieve our own aspirations outside of the work place. The latter is so important. Why do we do what we do?

On a personal basis its so I can get to go on plenty of holidays! Enjoy Saturdays or weekends away watching my football team (Northampton Town) with my 12 year old son. Or going across to Norfolk with my wife and family to stay in our holiday home. It’s all about having fun and ‘creating memories’ when I’m not working! As well as trying to stay healthy and motivated. I find playing squash and being at my allotment does the latter. I have a burning ambition to live off grid once we are free to do so, tour Europe and beyond in a camper van but still keeping myself busy with lifestyle based businesses/commitment’s at the same time. I have absolutely no intention of ever ‘retiring’. That’s me though, we are all VERY different. As long as what you do makes you happy, then all is good! And if it doesn’t, try hard to change that!

I intend to write a blog post once a week throughout this year, sharing both our businesses successes (as well as difficulties) in addition to my own personal ones along the way.

Let’s all make 2022 be the best one yet!


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