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'Appy December everyone! My favourite month of the year. It’s a month where I have much going on, both at work and outside of 9-5 stuff.

With just one month left of the calendar year, it’s now a case of 'one final push' to get over the line. December has always been our best and most productive month of the year. It’s a month when typically, our dormant clients crawl out of the woodwork and want things done before Christmas! I’m glad to say, this week it’s started to happen. We've had a spate of enquiries, and production wise it's been another great week. We anticipate a great many projects to go live in the coming 3 weeks - so it’s going to be a very busy period for our hardworking and extremely talented team of developers.

I've got to say, this 'seasonal wave' has come later than I expected, even given the economic situation. But as I often say in many circumstances, better late than never. It also ensures that I will come back in 2023 with my work tail wagging which will mitigate the physical drooping somewhat, due to having spent the best part of a fortnight 24/7 eating, drinking, and sleeping.

On my/our jobs to do list is putting together a marketing strategy for Q1 next year (I cannot look beyond 3 months given I have absolutely no idea how things will pan out, but an all-out attack strategy will be my initial default!!), refreshing our own website a fair bit as well as finalising how we are to push our new i.t services business. But for now, I intend to enjoy a busy spell and being much more reactive than is normally the case. All whilst Jo, who many of you will know, goes on a week’s jolly to Tenerife. Fair play can’t beat a bloody good holiday - especially when the weather here is as it currently is.

Outside of work, for me it’s been all about sport. To be fair it normally is! The World Cup has kept me entertained for the last couple of weeks and I am very much looking forward to the England V Senegal game on Sunday. Hopefully next week many of us will be looking forward to a Saturday evening world cup quarter final next weekend. It will also guarantee another week where the media turns its attention away from 'domestic doom and gloom'!!! 😄 So... bring it on. Hopefully!

On Saturday I will be watching the Cobblers. But before all of that...this evening (Friday 2nd) is our big switch on. Yep, it’s a bit earlier this year than normal. Our Christmas tree awaits preparation, in fact the minute I've finished writing this blog it will be put into its home where it will spend the next 4 weeks or so keeping us cheerful. I've pictured it all netted up – I’ll probably have something more interesting next week... If I remember to take any photo's that is. Have good 'un everyone - I certainly intend to!


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