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It's almost the end of November now and it's scary to think that there are now only effectively four more weeks until the Christmas break. The World Cup started on Sunday and predictably the media has concentrated its efforts on the tournament and the shenanigans surrounding its venue. I think I speak for most of us when I say that it was a disgrace that Qatar won the bidding to stage it for 100's of different reasons, but at least it gives our mainstream journalists the opportunity to talk down another country rather than the one we all live in! So, for a few weeks we won't hear as much UK related negativity... I hope!

It is my utmost belief that our media is talking us into a deeper recession than we would have had but sadly so many people take it all in and then spread all their doom and gloom across the social media channels. But then again, most people move into the left-hand lane and into a traffic jam two miles before the actual road works start rather than carrying on in the lane that has hardly any traffic in it. People follow people like sheep follow sheep... that's the way it is!

Our studio is under some significant pressure now to get projects finished and hit deadlines and for that I thank our magnificent web team for their efforts and commitment. I won't mention names, but this is aimed across the board. It really is appreciated. I am confident that come the New Year, the pressure point we have recently reached will have passed us by and things will return back too normality. Historically and prior to Covid, it was the same every year... I think it's fair to say that this year has been the first 'normal year' we've had for a while in terms of trading peaks and troughs. New sales enquiries remain low and again it is my hope that once people have refreshed and 'dusted themselves down' over the holiday season, they will come back in January with more energy and drive to move their businesses forward once it's been fully digested that the next couple of years are likely to be tough ones.

Outside of work stuff, it's been a hectic week or so. Whilst we spent a rare weekend at home last weekend, my gorgeous son Cory turned into a teenager on Monday but remains 'normal' - well, at least for the time being!! He is pictured at his birthday meal with one of his friends. The Cobblers were simply outstanding in their weekend win at Bradford, whilst England dispatched Iran and started their World Cup campaign in the most positive way possible.

This weekend, we head back to Hemsby. We aim to get there early for once, in time for the England game which kicks off on Friday at 7pm. Hopefully we will secure qualification through to the 2nd round with a game too spare, which would set up the weekend nicely. Have a good 'un everyone!


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