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Christmas is now under six weeks away, and it's that time of the year when we start to try and clean things up, get 'lagging projects' done and dusted and attempt to tie up any loose ends with regards to potential new projects. I anticipate a slowing down of new enquiries starting next week or the week after, but an influx of clients who want 'stuff done before the holidays' to come forward with outstanding content and feedback! Happens every year, without fail!

With less than a week before the World Cup starts, I see this week as the last week we are likely to hear about the recession and attempts to discredit the government for a few weeks! Now this isn't me getting political, far from it. More a case of saying that the media will turn its attention elsewhere for a while as things hot up in preparation for the first World Cup in four and a half years... a record I believe!

We are planning on making an effort for Children in Need this week, tomorrow (Tuesday) is the day when all of our team should be at our offices for said event, an initiative lead by Jo. No doubt some content will be collated for our own social media feeds as well.

Due to workload and holidays, the launch of our IT business website has been delayed but that will hopefully be addressed fully this week. If you are reading this Scott... you know what you've got to do! I shall also be making some effort into getting some of our clients to leave us Google Reviews. Google has been deleting 'old reviews' left by accounts which are now dormant, another example of them being a law to its own. I am sure that many of you have experienced this frustration in recent times as well. But it is what it is, so I shall be firing out the link a few times and hoping that some will respond positively. Reviews are sooo important for businesses these days, and we must practice what we preach.

We have spent the last two weekends down in Norfolk and it's been bliss. This weekend my wife celebrated her birthday, so that was as good an excuse as any to have more than a few beers (pictured). Sport has also been very kind to me, the Cobblers winning away from home, the England cricket team winning the T20 world cup and the Mercedes boys putting the cheating Red Bulls... in particular you know who... in their places. You may well have guessed by now that Max is my least favourite 'sports person' in the world today and I enjoy celebrating any downfall he experiences. There haven't been many in recent times though... but hopefully next season the combination of Hamilton and Russell (brilliant to see him win for the first time yesterday) will see things return back to how they were before MV cheated his way to the championship last season. A very fine driver... in fact one of the greatest ever... but not a fine person, in my humble opinion.

Have a decent week folks - keep at it!!


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