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Last week on my blog I talked about the economic situation and of course, that has become even more topical this week as the government is being pressurised more than ever to show that they possess a calculator - I'll leave it at that this time and focus more on our own week in our Seventy9 goldfish bowl!

Suffice to say it's been a much more positive week. Unexpectedly we've had a bit of a lift in terms of new enquiries, and I hope that is the start of what is usually our best period of the year for new business. October-December seems to be historically a period when marketing projects are given more focus, I think psychology plays a big factor in this because businesses want to set themselves up for a flying start in the new year after the quiet (for many) run up to Christmas. Of course, that is very dependent on what industry you are in so take as intended! :)

We also welcomed Shay this week to our digital team who has settled in really well. Nice lad but don't tell him that! On a sadder note, Calvin left us after 5 years and I wish him the very best in his new role. In our 18 years of business Calvin has been one of my very favourite employees, and would easily feature in my Seventy9 X1 legends team!! Sorry about the footballing analogy but that’s how I see most things... I even refer to my parents 'as the board'! And my wife 'as a player'. And so on and so on. I just love football, keeps me sane. So in our current team of 14, we've got a Shay, a Shayni and a Shane. How weird is that?! Calvin's new company has an absolute legend, and someone who will give 100% at all times. His honesty and integrity will serve him very well as his career progresses, notwithstanding his ability and work ethic. I cannot be too complimentary about him. Continuing with the football theme, fortunately for us, we have some fantastic players still at the club... there's not a single one of them I would want to lose. And I say that hand on heart. In the past there has more often than not been one or two I would happily have given a free transfer too, but at the minute that isn't the case at all. So onwards and upwards eh.

Last Saturday a number of us enjoyed corporate hospitality at the Cobblers. Dave even won the 'guess the attendance' competition, his prize being a round of golf for four people. Just a shame that he's never played golf ha ha. The picture of him is with the Cobblers man of the match. A great day out, shame about the game itself and ultimately the result. But the Cobblers have had a tough time of late with injuries and illness, so I'll forgive them for a bit of blip these last two games!

This weekend I travel to Leyton Orient for a jolly day out with my son and some friends. Fun will be had by all from the moment we step on the 'beer train' at 9:56am. As I leave the house my wife will no doubt remind me to 'look after Cory and not get too drunk' - and probably irritate me by sending me a few texts 'checking in' throughout the day. Whilst tracking our progress on 'find a friend'. I'd stand zero chance of having an affair because she stalks me on it! :)

The winter squash league started again this week and a great result was achieved by our team as we beat Daventry who we would expect to be challenging for the championship come the busy end of the season. I won't mention how I got on personally though, but I'll hopefully be a tad more successful next Wednesday when we play our next game!

Have a decent weekend folks - keep plugging away and keep looking for the next wave to surf!


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