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Another week draws to a close... I write this late on Thursday just after our latest Prime Minister has resigned and we are about to get yet another esteemed leader from the ever-decreasing pool of candidates! Will Boris make a comeback? Will/can the country cope with this ongoing circus anymore without intervention from our new head of state? I am pretty non-political but for what it's worth... which I readily accept isn't a lot... I think a General Election is needed, if for no other reason than to have a government with a mandate to govern that cannot be disputed. Whatever happens though, I will plod along, keep my head down and keep looking for the next wave to surf! Plus, I'm off to Canada this weekend for half-term, so thankfully for yours truly I will be escaping the shenanigans for a short while!

Back to 'work stuff' and it's been a pretty decent week. We've had a spate of new enquiries again, following on from last week's sudden up turn. I cannot put my finger on the reasons why this has happened, but maybe... just maybe... the vast majority of us do not really concern ourselves too much about the things we simply cannot control. Of course, that must be taken in the right context. Either way, the business people I speak with on a daily basis do not bleat on about the way the country is run, they are more concerned with their own businesses, how they are going to grow them... they focus on the positives. I had a two-hour meeting earlier with a client and there were six of us in their boardroom - not once was politics mentioned or even thought about. The mainstream media won't let us believe that of course though...

In the next week or so we should be in a position to launch our new Seventy9 IT website. This is something that I am really looking forward to pushing on my return from my holiday. It is fair to say that most companies do have an IT provision in place, however nothing lasts forever, so I hope (from our perspective) that when we start to market it more, we will grow that business fairly quickly but at a pace where we can recruit the right people at the right times to fulfil our clients’ growing needs. Recruitment is mightily tough at the minute, so we do have to bear that in mind. Gone are the days when you can go gung-ho winning new business without having the capacity to actually do the work! Simply because it does take more time and patience to find the right people to join you on the journey.

Outside of the serious stuff, I took my son to London last Saturday to watch the Cobblers play Orient. We had a great day out... secured in the circumstances a very good draw... before enjoying a good ole jolly on the train back home. I did though pay the price the next day... I think I'm too old to go on an 'all-dayer' but I have no intention to stop them anytime soon. It was the first one though since February, and probably the last one this year!!! :)

On Wednesday I managed to win my own squash match in the 2nd week of team squash matches... sadly the team lost overall though. Hopefully they will win in my absence next week. I really enjoy team squash. We all meet up about 7ish, play our matches (five in total) and then enjoy some food and drink afterwards. I've gotten to know so many people over the years and it's great to meet up with them each time and enjoy playing a sport we all love. Squash players are VERY passionate about their sport, on and off the court. The post-match analysis is always entertaining. Proper escapism as I call it. A bit like going to the football each week. It's very important to spend as much time as possible swimming in goldfish bowls and ignoring the 'crap' that's spouted off on the news 24/7. This week's blog photo is my squash team I play in which Seventy9 proudly sponsors. We also sponsor the other two teams that represent Diana's.

I'll catch you all in a fortnight. Onwards and upwards!


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