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Well, it's got to be said, it's been a fairly uneventful week! With nothing exciting but nothing negative happening. We are looking forward to Shay joining us next week as our new digital marketing apprentice, whilst we continue to search for the right fit in terms of a content creator. This position is proving very challenging, so we are now exploring other options and perhaps looking to tweak the job spec.

I think it's fair to say that at the moment, it's a case of keeping things 'ticking along' because we are very much in the stage of needing more people to join our team to really give things a push. Yet at the same time, the economy is definitely not in a good place so how we go about that, I am not so sure. Whilst Seventy9 is sailing in calm waters, I am almost happy for that to continue rather than risk going off track and potentially catching a storm. For me, the next few weeks in particular will be very telling and will provide a decent guide as to where we are going to be heading throughout 2023. That all said, we will continue looking to find the right people to bring to our business so that we can evolve our service offerings as we planned to do a few months back. More calmly though, and less gung-ho... and I'm a 'gung-ho' type of person!

Next week, the squash season return, and I am back playing county squash... can’t wait. We will also hopefully be wearing our Seventy9 sponsored shirts that were ordered a couple of weeks back - as shown in the photo. I am never at the fitness level I would like to be (too many beers and kebabs at the weekend!!) - but I'm in a pretty decent place and feel confident that I can last out in a long match. Unless of course I'm playing someone 20 years younger than me who lives a 'boring life' :)

For the first time since before Covid, I went to an away game on a Tuesday night this week... albeit, only too Walsall which isn't far. Sadly, we lost 1-0, but on the back of five consecutive wins I'll forgive them... we've had horrendous injury problems. This weekend the Seventy9 team will be enjoying hospitality at Sixfields, and I am very much looking forward to that. It's rare when I see my colleagues outside of work so it will be good to just chill out and talk football and anything other than work with them, for once. Hopefully we will return back to winning days to cap off what should be a cracking day out.

Have a very decent weekend - and catch you next week!


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