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Following last week's ramble, the economic situation has been a huge topic of news again this week as the markets and the business world soaks in the 'mini budget' announced last Friday. My own thoughts are that I hope things quickly settle down and the 'detail' is provided very, very quickly. It seems crazy to me to make such huge announcements without being able to simultaneously provide proper reassurance by way of actual numbers. We truly are in crazy times and like most of us I guess, have become used to it since the saga that was Brexit. Water off a duck's back - try to ignore it all and keep tacking the good ship to its destination... wherever that may be!

Despite all of the shenanigans, it's been a decent week here at Seventy9 Towers. We have welcomed two new clients and look forward to working with them on their projects. We have successfully filled one of our vacancies and are delighted to welcome Shay to our team who starts with us on the 10th of October. We've had a 'sprinkling' of new business enquiries. Our accounts have been filed four months early! (Impressive stuff eh). Plus, the legend who is Dave is starting to make some of his money back on his crypto 'investments'. Personally, I hope he keeps 'investing' in these currencies because that will mean he will always need his monthly wage from us! :)

Outside of Seventy9, I had a great meal last weekend celebrating my 50th birthday (pictured). I use the word celebrating somewhat grudgingly. I've never been into birthdays but made the effort for my family. It was a lovely evening but I sadly fell asleep about five minutes after getting back to the house at 11pm. Too many Peroni's. At home I always know what I've drunk, in fact I go one step further than most and actually line the bottles up. I know my limits. But last week I lost my usual drinking discipline. I know I'm rather sad but it's my way of making sure I'm in a reasonably fit state the following day or at least fit enough to do what I intend to do. Which certainly wasn't the case last Sunday!!

On the flip side of drinking, I've managed to play squash four times this week (which includes Friday, I'm writing this blog on Friday), my fitness levels are now the best they've been for a long time and just in time for the winter squash leagues which start in just less than a fortnight's time. We head back to Hemsby this evening for another weekend by the sea... luvly jubbly. And on Tuesday I am very much looking forward to going to my first Cobblers away game this season at Walsall which has been rescheduled from the weekend after the Queen died.

Have a good one folks... I’ll be back next week!


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