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Well thankfully the weather has cooled down a bit. Just in time for my latest Norfolk trip which will take my family and myself up to the Bank Holiday. After which it's all systems go with our new IT business. Seventy9 IT - watch this space!

Nothing much to report this week. We did though put an ecommerce website live - Pet Food, Treats, Bedding & More! | KC Pet Shop - another project we have very much enjoyed working on. We hope our client is pleased with the end product!

I touched on this last week... again, despite the doom and gloom news with regards to the economy and everything else surrounding it (I have not watched the news now for months, but you cannot help but pick up on things) we have still managed to generate a fair few enquiries into the building. We have yet to see anything major in terms of a downturn in business although it's fair to say that in terms of google AdWords across our client base, it's tougher now than it was a while back for sure. As a marketer I will always say that when this happens (and we've worked through tough times before) the only way to deal with it generally, is to go on the attack. More advertising, more marketing etc. We practice what we preach here! The only time we didn't was for about 3-4 weeks into the very first lockdown... but we re-grouped quickly and 'got on with it'. Oh yeah and try and stay off Twitter for a bit!!! Unless you really want to depress yourself! :)

Two Babies

I'll sign off with the usual stuff. I've played lots of squash this last week and had some great games. Seen my grandson (pictured proudly wearing his Cobblers attire) - and have been particularly pleased with the start the Cobblers have made to the season. After four games we are in 3rd place... which ironically is where we should have finished last season if another team hadn't of 'stitched us up' on the last game of last season. Hopefully we will finish at least that high this season. I'm writing this as my wife leaves the house to go down to our allotment. The vegetables have been celebrating these last two days, they were VERY VERY thirsty!

Enjoy the final few weeks of the Summer and the Bank Holiday - catch you soon!


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