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Well, it's the end of what seems to have been a very long summer. I write this as we enter the Autumn and the weekend before our local schools go back.... which always seems to be a significant milestone in the calendar year for some reason!

Since I last blogged (two weeks ago) we have set SIX websites live, we hope our clients are very happy with them!

Overall, August has been a rather slow month in terms of new business. This is not unusual though given it's the peak of the holiday season. We always find September onwards and the run up to Christmas is our busiest - so we hope this year mirrors every other year in our history which now covers 17 years. I *think* people start thinking more about their marketing during the darker months of the year. The holiday season definitely effects the kind of projects we are tasked to do, because quite often a number of people are involved with marketing at most companies who take it in turns to go on holidays. So, decisions are shelved and it's a struggle to get sign offs. Then, come the autumn everyone is back, and it goes mad! Bring it on!!

We are looking for two new recruits - a digital marketer and a content creator - please point anyone in our direction who may be interested. Seventy9 | Interested In Joining Us? Check Out Our Career Options Here.

As far as our strategy at Seventy9 is concerned, we are going to really up the ante in the coming weeks. Both in terms of trying to win new clients and recruitment. We are VERY ambitious and are determined to take our agency to the next level. We will be spending more money on AdWords, and putting more resource into making our own online presence as effective as it possibly can be. We are ranked very highly on many keywords but I feel that there is potential to be much better still. If you stand still you go backwards. So for us, it's all out attack!

Outside of work I have returned from another week in Norfolk where we had a truly wonderful time again. The photo is of Hemsby beach on one of the mornings. Boating on the Broads, a speed boat trip in Southwold and some National Trust outings being the daytime highlights. In the evenings we had some proper fun watching different bands, drinking (too much) in the hot sun and eating too much 'unhealthy food'! So it's been back to playing squash this week and power digging at the allotment to make up for it!

I also had great pleasure winning every single mini golf competition we had, which included one with friends. Being so heavily into football I've always got a 'chant' for everything - 'Hembsy golf champion - you'll never sing that' being my signature one at the end of each one... which every single time winds my 12 year old son up. Love it!

Have a very decent weekend!


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