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Hello again as we are once more in the midst of what seems like the 76th 'heat attack' of the year. It's relentless! I can't remember wearing swimming shorts to work before, but it's now becoming the norm.... when we haven't got any clients coming in of course!

Whilst I was away last week, our team secured another handful of super projects for us to get our teeth into during the coming months. Our sales enquiries have actually gone back up a notch after a very quiet July, this shows in the increase of traffic our website is getting. I put that down to both the organic search engine work that is going on in the background as well as our Ad Word campaigns and general 'internet presence'. We have quite a unique approach with it and it does appear thankfully that July was merely a blip. Onwards and upwards!

You may have seen that we are now much more active on our own social media platforms. I keep saying it.. it's an area where we have bolstered up resource wise and Kiera is doing a marvellous job not only via our own channels but of course also (more importantly) our clients ones too. Please get in touch if you want to learn more about how we can help you with yours...

We are still trying to find a content creator. So if that's either you or you know someone who it could be, you know where to find us. Packages will soon appear on our website; our social media section is being re-written to represent our current offerings so please keep an eye on it as it will be updated soon.

Our restructure has now taken place internally and I'm pleased to say that Jo has now been promoted to Account and Operations Director. She will be particularly focused on the social media and content creation services as well as working closely with Matt (who is now our Project Manager). Ric will be busy helping Dan to become more involved with WordPress development... Ric has been with us for 12 months and has developed his own coding skills at a startling pace. Shani has settled in very well in the Digital Marketing team which is very good news for us (and our clients of course). I have only mentioned those whose roles have changed etc, so a message to our other mega valued team members... I love ya all!! x

Outside of the sun-drenched offices of Seventy9, it's been great to be back at Sixfields to watch a promising start to the new season. We also spent a week at our caravan last week.... we've now got to wait another whole week before we go back again. Grrr! My favourite day out was when we hired a little boat on the Norfolk Broads (pictured) - although I did manage to crash the boat. Well, kind of... long story with a lot of mitigation! So next time I'll leave my lad to steer it like he did for most of the time this time!

Have another great weekend...we will soon be all moaning that it's too cold!


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