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Happy Summer holidays folks!

The period of relative quietness continues but saying that, our studio is as busy as ever! This week is the last week before we start a few steps towards restructuring our business. A few of the Seventy9 team are on their holidays this week so we await their returns first before starting our journey towards what we hope will take our business to 'the next level'. We are about to start the process of recruiting a full time 'content creator' and are on the look out for someone who knows Linkedin 'inside out'. If you are reading this and you know of such a person, please point him or her in our direction!

We have noticed that website traffic across the board is currently down around 30%. So if you are not getting as many enquiries as you were previously, you are not the only one! It's also very difficult to compare trends at the minute because the last three years have been VERY different. Covid meant that there hasn't been a traditional holiday season since 2019, so comparing this year's figures to 2020 and 2021 (comparative months) is pretty pointless. In all my time in business, I swear to God that there are more people on holiday at the minute than there ever has been before! It's my turn next week :)

For us, August will be all about laying the foundations for what we anticipate to be a very strong finish to the year. Seventy9 I.T is currently being 'put together', our social media service will be enhanced and developed further as we look to bolster that department with additional resource. I am also looking at ramping up our AdWord campaigns once we've got the summer out of the way, as well as increasing our organic traffic via different office locations and general SEO work. Blogging is a big factor. I do not expect my own blog to achieve much in this way because I do not put any emphasis on keywords... I just find it quite interesting writing once a week as to what has been happening so I can look back in a year or two's time and relive the journey. Some of you will find that difficult to digest, but for me it's a reminder as to when things went well and not so well and the reasons why... life is a continuous learning curve and I always try and use my experience to benefit my family and myself and everything that I am associated with.

I am away next week, back to sunny Hemsby. Of course not until Saturday evening though, I wouldn't miss the Cobblers first game of the season for the world. The photo shows Cory and myself just about to leave Hemsby and interrupt our holiday last year to watch our first game back with a crowd for around 18months! We won that game 1-0. Hopefully our trip there this weekend will be a joyous one as we take three points back to our caravan! I am also very much looking forward to watching the Euro2022 Women's Final - come on Lionesses! You have made us very proud, absolutely brilliant against Sweden the other night. Be great to see the Women's team lay down the marker for the Mens team as they prepare for the World Cup later this year.

Catch you in a couple of weeks time! :)

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