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Well I'm not sure about you, but I'm very glad this week's over. A week that has been an absolute battle to get through because of a lack of sleep. Last night (Thursday) was the first 'decent kip' I've had for what seems an eternity, so the weekend has come at just the right time!

That's hopefully the last we will see of 40 degrees heat for a few years at least!

Despite the challenging weather conditions, it's been arguably the most productive week for Seventy9 in several years and certainly since before the pandemic. We have decided how we are going to restructure our business. We have had a number of internal discussions and agreed timeframes etc... but it will be a week or so before we officially start the transitional period and the recruitment process due to people being away on holidays etc. We are looking to improve all areas of the business and I am very excited about the second half of the year.

We have also just in the last day finalised plans to launch a new business, which will be named Seventy9 I.T. We have big plans for this venture and we believe that it will work well in tandem with Seventy9 Creative and Seventy9 Digital. I suspect it will be several weeks before we officially 'open for business' but our plans are to move quickly, establish a website and branding etc. and chisel down in terms of our exact service offerings. We have teamed up with our own I.T guru Scott whom we have worked with for around 15 years and it got me thinking why we hadn't latched onto this idea before when it was staring us in the face. It was a lightbulb moment about three weeks ago when it first came up in conversation. I can't wait to get moving forward with it and I absolutely know we will provide a fantastic service with many USP's. Scott is brilliant. Although he is a better table tennis player! :)

Sales wise, it has been another quiet week but everything else has been fast moving so I cannot complain. I do not anticipate much movement new business wise in the next few weeks now we are into the peak of the summer holidays, but we've got more than enough to be getting on with so it's certainly not a bad thing.

This week I head to Hemsby... first time in three weeks. It should be 28 degrees on Sunday so I may even return with a tan. I plan to spend several hours on the beach and other than watch the Grand PrIx, enjoy what will be the last football free weekend before the new season starts. Although that's a bit unfair to say perhaps given the Lionesses superb progress to the semi-finals of the Ladies Euro's. It was good fun watching us beat Spain on Wednesday... not often I've seen such grit and determination and full on effort from 1 to 120 minutes in a football match. They should be extremely proud of themselves and the way they are representing England is absolutely brilliant. Considerably better than our politicians (of all parties), that's for sure!

Final note. I bought my digital business partner (Bryan's) lazy spa off of him last week. Literally the best 50 quid I've ever spent given this weeks heat. Have a great weekend!!

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